Indian Strawberry























Achillea millefolium



























Tansy Tanacetum vulgare    

Poppies Papaver species greek




















Californian Poppy











California Poppy flower









Eschscholtzia californica










Garden Nasturtium










Tropaeolum majus















Chickweed Stellaria media




















Mallows Malva species












Miner’s Lettuce












Miner’s Lettuce Montia perfoliata

Petty Spurge Euphorbia peplus





























Pigweed Portulaca oleracea















Galinsoga parviflora





Yellow weed galinsoga parviflora


White Eclipta

















Thickhead Crassocephalum







New Zealand Spinach
















Tetragonia tetragonioides






Emilia sonchifolia











Nightshades Solanum species



















Gooseberries Physalis species



















Scurvy Weed Commelina













Cannas Canna species






Wild Garlics

Allium species










Bulrush Typha species







Passiflora edulis







Balloon Vines
















Stinking Passionfruit























Rasberries rubus







Blackberry Bramble

Rubus fruticosus









Hawthorn Crataegus






Sweet Briar

Rosa rubiginosa








Lantana camara






















African Boxhorn

Lycium ferocissimum





Prickly Pear Cactus














If you had a choice between $10 Million, and being able to manifest and create with miraculous ease, what would you choose?

( Be careful with your power to manifest )

Although I think many would be quick to say “$10 million” let us think about this for a moment. The way desire seems to be built, is that you get something new and great, and then you want more. I’ve seen it with my experiences, and others, that even though it is great and fantastic, there is a ‘neediness’ to desire that seems to never be satisfied. Now I will admit $10 million is lots of fun and laughs too, but to actually realize my own power to create and manifest with miraculous ease? Well then….that is something that allows an unlimited playground of adventure and natural ecstasy, as I create to my hearts content whether I am magnetizing money or making giant leaps in power and growth, or making a massive positive difference in the world.

The crown jewel is in the realization

If I had the choice I would truly choose to be able to create and manifest with miraculous ease, because it would be like the story of rubbing the magic lamp, and commanding the genie to grant a million wishes, except the metaphorical Genie has no choice but to comply. This is actually quite close to the truth, since the lamp only represents a metaphor for our own power to manifest, in the darkness of a conditioned fictional reality that we cannot manifest with ease, but need to struggle and work hard to create. Being aware of your definitions and perceptions of reality is the light that illuminates the darkness of unawareness of this massive and profound power, that we express in every moment. Even something as simple as a glass of water has at least 6 billion different realities and vibrations, depending on how the observer perceives it. And so those very definitions and perceptions we take for granted and for the most part leave unconscious, unleash our creator power to bring about reality as we define it.

It is a truly blissful realization to become aware of not only the fact that we can create and manifest with miraculous ease, but in fact we do so in every moment!

To explain further I will clarify a bit. A few days ago I was meditating on oneness, and as usual when reaching the peaks of excitement and enthusiasm about the power of this knowing, amazing and often unbelievable things tend to pop into my experience plane, such as strange lights, small light orbs, and amazing light displays. Meditating on oneness, it dawned on me like a blazing beam of light, that every grain of sand, every drop of water, every man and woman and child, every rock, and every ‘thing’ in the universe was proof and evidence of my oneness, that I was the universe, as science has proven all is energy and that its all pretty much empty space, vibrating and ‘resonating’ at the frequency the observer places on the thing being observed. What the Bleep Do We Know, and Down the Rabbit Hole are two documentaries that do a fantastic job at explaining the science behind the validity of how we create our own world view and YOUniverse.

And then if that wasn’t good enough, I could then see that every moment in time was also proof that I was the universe and the creator, because in every single moment, I was perfectly creating MY version of reality, just as the creator does, with perfect ease! No matter whether we view our world as hard, or as easy, have you noticed that the way you perceive reality tends to be a given? Its so easy, that we take most of our beliefs and attitudes as true and they pretty much run on autopilot working as a mirror of what we put out. I have played around with this idea and I can say with certainty that the results can be unbelievable, like magic. Anything you don’t like in your experience will always have an associated feeling of a negative unhappy perception about that same problem or challenge, and the problem will be reinforced by the very perception of it. The energy of the perception is the same as the problem itself, as all our actions and behaviours become self-reinforcing mechanisms to prove ourselves ‘right’, when in reality we are totally wrong. A typical phrase that summarizes this incorrect way of perceiving reality through the external world, is ” Seeing is believing “. This is a great way to set yourself up for failure, as you become a servant to your definitions, including the negative ones.

And so as I was getting excited and joyous with this knowing, I saw what looked like a large rocket, wizz above my head, happily wooshing above and leaving a trail of a reddish-brown colour in the sky. Marvelous! I was starting to manifest and create fireworks to re-celebrate a great point of view, that science proves that we are god! This happened a few months ago, and then once again last night, with two this time showing me I was on the right track.

The 8020 Spiral of the Source

The 8020 Spiral of the Source


A great way to take a clear look at reality, is to think of everything as being on different areas of the spiral of creation. The greatest power requires the lightest touch, and the spiral is a wonderful sacred geometric shape that visually confirms accessing different parts of creation, vibration and leverage.

Many powerful messages are contained within symbols, and here is a photo of a crop circle that seems to have summarized my spiral point perfectly.


 These symbols hit us straight where to our core, where the essence of who we are, as eternal unlimited beings lies. By following the spiral, as deep and as centered as it goes, we come to the heart, the very vibration of god, all-that-is, all of creation itself. We see with the eyes, taste and hear with the ears of all-that-is. We reclaim our wizadry, and sacred knowledge of creating miracles, just as myths, religions and creation stories of old told us through the ages.

See at the centre of the spiral, as it keeps going to the core centre of each issue, leveraging its way past the created and flying straight into the heart of the creator. We can simply choose, with ease, to allow the truth of being all-that-is to be miraculously certain, perfect, and of the highest knowing vibration of trust within us. We can then start to feel the pleasure and ecstasy, that comes with realizing our power and that we are i control of our beliefs and definitions, perfectly and effortlessly, without even conscious interference in most cases! What is that you say? YES, we create reality and this magic to perfection of what we put out as true, just like a giant mirror in front of us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Whether you want to use the herculean forces of pleasure and pain, or just use emotional ‘trust’, or even references and evidence, it all comes down to how you define it for yourself as true, as real, as your reality. Even if the world to your 5-senses is burning and rotting and dying, you have the power, the insight and wisdom, to choose and vibrate the reality of love, peace, sovereignty, growth, pleasure and most of all, living and doing highest joy and excitement. You will then be the greatest solution for yourself, as well as the whole entire world.

Go to your diary, or write somewhere, that you tommorow, are going to play and have fun with the idea of ‘knowing’ things into your experience, and play around with magnetizing different things, just by using your being, knowing, trusting part that joyfully steps into the game and plays out the magic of the character. You can never ever ever ever prove any negative beliefs or definitions as empirically true, so stop hurting yourself and let the unlimited power and force you are start working for you, instead of just attracting negativity and situations that are out of alignment with your true self

Use the spiral to keep going forever and ever into the truth of who you are, and you will be granted the greatest jewels of truth, power and ecstasy, from heaven herself

Remember you are all that is, you can manifest anything you like effortlessly, easily, instantly and perfectly, you can change definitions with the highest ease, perfection and bliss, and that you have nothing to fear, that you cannot be harmed without your choice of that definition and energy vibration!

Just choose it without doubt or fear or negative inner chatter, and it will be. All-that-is bless.

the majesty of the one

the majesty of the one

Could you for a moment, imagine the greatest, most glorious treasure in the world?

An item of undescribable value and worth, that it not only encompasses all the things of value of earth, but also of the heavens?

A most holy and revered item, from the heart and the love of all that is, that once you had it in your hands, could give you your wildest heart’s imagination or desire, and fulfill your destiny in all of the most magnificent and delightful respects?

As I write to you once again, it amazes me once again how when coming across certain information that is massively transformational, it can take a certain shift, or viewpoint, or happening, to really align a powerful principle to one’s core

I feel today has been that day, where the creator, all-that-is that is part of me and you, has embraced me with the highest love and gifts, and given me an eternal gift of love and joy that has always been there, like a secret horde of unlimited treasure waiting to be discovered

To give you a background, for the last two weeks or so, I have been having a lot of fun and partying on my long overdue holiday in Thailand. While it has been great and a lot of fun, I have also been feeling some lows, and anxiety about the issue of money and running out of funds. There was also the feeling like something was missing from this good time, and I was still seeking out my highest joy and excitement, and purpose

Whilst I felt I would very much love to keep travelling, there was the doubt and worry in my mind about being able to pay for all of this, and thinking it was ‘unrealistic’ and the fear that I might have to go back to the ‘old’ reality and a possible rut again

Surrounded by extremes here in both wealth and poverty, it has been a good mirror to reflect my own doubts, fears and issues about abundance. I do know we individually create our reality, and so it is always useful and profound to see how the mirror of individual realities, play out for others and in different cultures.

The crux of the issue was, that I have had to face the core of my limiting ideas, limiting attitudes and beliefs; especially as they relate to abundance and the most important principle of living my highest joy

Taking this trip out of nowhere has really accelerated things, as I jump straight into the deep end of the pool of living, after laughing at all the fearful ideas cowering at the shallow end, afraid to jump into the water of life and start playing with the joy and fun of a child again. I didnt wait for things to be just right, but simply stepped forward into this trip, jumping into the deep end of the pool of unabandoned play, whilst giving a ‘big finger’ so to speak at the fears, anxieties and negative beliefs, that are little sheep in the back of your mind, braying ‘you cant do it’ or ‘its too expensive’ or ‘what about your responsibilities’ etc etc. All may seem like good reasons, but what it gets down to is that these are negative definitions, negative beliefs, and some kind of choice on the level of believing in lack, limitation, negativity, and that you disempowered in a certain sitution or context. The core of the matter is we are defining and creating our reality, on a moment by moment basis.

This was another profound realization that really struck home on a deep level. For the first time, I could see that it could be so easy, so simple, and just a matter of ‘tuning’ into the vibration of ecstatic abudance, joy and success. This ‘tuning’ into a definition and belief basis, did not need to be hard, difficult or a struggle at all.

It can be so easy! Because I create and define everything in reality, why make the incredible power of belief change hard, difficult or a struggle? I could choose, in any one moment, to simply decide and choose that changing beliefs is effortless and easy, and I could know it was easy and effortless too do so, perfectly and miraculously, whenever I would like.

I would love for this to make perfect sense to all who read it, because “the greatest power requires the lightest touch” and I cant think of many things at all that could have such a supergalactic force with the lightest effort, as core deep belief change!

It is an unconditionally loving expression of pure faith and trust in the abundance and loving support of the universe, the highest expression that I am supported in my passion, in my love, in my laughter, in my play. That I am a connected part and parcel of all-that-is, of the eternal god presence  ( I love the term all-that-is, an expression of oneness ) that even quantum physics is eventually figuring out is everywhere! Doing what we love then tunes us into the vibration, frequency, dimension and reality of a joyous, dream-like, heaven on earth reality full of ecstasy and bliss. We can then choose and integrate those loving, nourishing and healthy definitions, and start to live that life. But if we are choosing what we do not love to do, we are reflecting the mirror reality of scarcity, that we are not supported by the universe and all-that-is

A statement joyously put out into the world, that the world is perfect for me, that is is wonderful and joyous and miraculous and full of adventure.

What else would someone who knows these truths as totally true, do otherwise?

Think about it for a moment. We have seen how we reflect back to ourselves the truths we hold strongest, in the mirror of the ‘3d’ world. Have you ever just decided or chosen to believe in something 100%, even if there wasn’t necessarily the evidence to support it around? Have you ever held onto a goal, or a vision of something you desired, and just known in your gut, in your skin, in your cells and with total certainty you were going to get it? As you probably can remember again now, is that the results are amazing and very often spectacular and amazing, when we make choosing a definition real, and a simple choice of ‘Thats what I choose as true’. Some call it interestingly enough, ‘living your truth’, being ‘real with yourself’ and ‘accepting yourself.’ Everyone has at least had one experience in their life, that has proven that important emotional decision to trust in something as true, in that moment, has powerful results on the ‘outside’ world we live day to day. Socially, spiritually, physically, financially, with men and women everyday, we experience a direct reflection of what we feel is true, even if we do not know it consciously, or if it is hidden from our surface consciousness.

And so what better way, to step into a world of unconditional and unlimited bliss, magic, adventure, delight, laughter, love, excitement and ecstasy, then to do and be as if that reality is true!

How so? What is your wildest, most passionate and blissful highest joy and excitement ?!

…………….Do it!

And I say this because I am feeling what you are feeling and have felt, the same anxieties and gnawing worries that seem to go hand-in-hand with modern day society, especially in many cases, about having negative definitions and beliefs, around money, abundance, lifestyle, career, and my highest excitement. If that is not enough, we may have anxiety and worry and stress, about our family, our relationship, friend, family member, or one out of 100 other damned things! There seems an overabundance of negativity coming at us at from so many directions, and we wonder why we feel so low, so down, anxious, stressed out or depressed! I could sense within me that the lives of most men and women  had been penned in the famous quote by Henry david Thoreau, 1854, that “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” From accounts of his life, Thoreau seemed to live his highest excitement, by living a quiet and simple life amongst nature in a log cabin. I was reminded once again, except on a deeper and more profound level, that the ultimate remedy to this issue, this fear and anxiety around money, around abundance, around pretty much every single ‘problem’ I have, or have had, or may have in the so called-future, is around doing what I love to do. This issue was not going to be solved just on the level of ‘doing’ something like finding work here or starting a business

The ultimate solution was to take the fun, joyful and most exciting option, of choosing my highest joy, and allowing that commitment for joy, fun, abundance and wealth definitions and reality model to be the strongest representation of the heaven on earth I stood for, in thi day and age of rapidly changing energy on the planet, in our consciousness, and in the cosmos. The cosmic galactic energies are very profoundly affected, when the most profound idea of oneness and all-that-is is expressed!

Here is a principle so beautiful, so glorious, that it takes care of everything else, whilst I just have fun and a great time and look after what excites me the most!

As I reflected on doing my highest joy being the ultimate solution and remedy, I felt a sense of joyful peace, safety and security, that no matter what would happen or could happen, whether I ran out of money, or was really depressed about my life situation, in the worst rut, stuck in a place or in a job I hated, hungry, starving, homeless and without a cent to my name, I could connect with my highest excitement, my highest joy, and allow the unlimited abundance and support of the universe to flow! Wow! See how it is just like a genie in a bottle, ( I know it has been made into cheesy and corny films ) from the tales and mythic stories of old, in Persia and the middle east. This story is a very powerful archetype, as the same being of the genie is within each of us, ready to grant every desire with a flick of the fingers. We truly are this powerful.

And why, and why, and why cannot this be true? Does worry, stress, anxiety, responsibilities, family, children, work, society, friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, foster parents, the media, pop culture, the TV, teachers, schools, politicians, cops, parents, do they all outweigh the importance of living in the joy, the fun, the adventure, the laughter, that is contained within the all-that-is world we are steeped in. One cannot deny this, when we see that we each create reality in every moment, with 100% ease and perfection! So much so, that we just ‘forget about it’, and that reality just sits on autopilot, reflecting what we are projecting through our beliefs, in every second, every minute and hour of every day. Even when we sleep, the power of who we are as all that is, projects powerful messages of the spirit, through the universal language of image, myth, character, story. symbol, language or math, through our dreams. Dreams are a beautiful reminder everynight, that we are of the world of magic and unlimited advnture! Why else would we be able to fly, have superhumn ablities, make love, laugh and experience our power, in many cases with more joy and pleasure than our ‘waking life’ of conscious day time activity, which is commonly in many men and women, engrossed in the daily struggle of survival, as we keep being destructive towards the environment, our family, each other, and most of all, our spirit that is our self. You can experience pain and suffering, but the power of your spirit will always emit a deep-level resistance to pain, and a potent drawing towards of pleasure. These are the fundamental driving forces of man, otherwise archetypally described as the forces of light ( pleasure ) and darkness ( pain ) , yin and yang, positive and negative, the good guy and the bad guy, hero and vilain, etc etc. This is represented in freemasonry and magick as ‘as above, so below’ as a fight between the two forces, very much reinforced especially in the religion of christianity. How kind and nice and compassionate it was for the church, to commit the worst atrocities in the name of god, and then have the gall to have a say in what or how evil was represented. Adultering the All-that-is , expressed as offshoots of the elixir of life, the alchemical philosopher’s stone, expressed mathematically as the ‘royal number 1’, the one with the infinite symbol through the middle, the oneness number.

Its all I have to do or be, is what I believe or define I need to do or be. highest joy is what an unconditionally and eternally loving creator would desire for us, if we hypothetically didnt agree, believe or feel the idea of a universal creator as being real. This idea is flexible because it allows the hardest skeptic to be integrated with this. Even if they state ‘but life is hard’ how could God make it so, then we can say ‘well you have to admit, even if there is no creator, if there was and he/she/I am is eternal in love and power and presence all around the universe, then a life ful of laughter, love, joy and excitement, is certainly a great and magical experience of touching the truth of what all-that-is really embodies at a deep spiritual level. It is only from a chosen point of self-disempowerment and limitation, can we truly experience the suffering and limitation so many of mankind have felt. We literally fear that god is dead and evil has prevailed, but really no-one is a victim, and we are all part of being 100% responsible for CREATING OUR REALITY AS WE SEE IT! This is our greatest gift, and is also part of our greatest fear and limitation, as we fear that the dark part of ourselves, ‘the pipe playing child-like nature archetype, is really in fact the devil, or the beast, or satan or the lord of darkness, and actually is really pulling the strings. We are multidimensional beings, and we are terrified of the energy of this darkness, and we try and judge it and say its bad and its not part of us, when it all is. We live in eternal fear of pain not experienced as real, just feel terrified of it and the problem, stress and worry that comes with it. Ultimately, we fear we can be harmed and are wear and vulnerable, our graetest fear, we are NOT all that is and are victims to the suffering, hopeless agains the sea of sadness in depair. )

What is doing and being from highest joy and excitement?

Financially it is a frame and reality of abundance. Spiritually it is a frame of heaven and ecstasy. Physically and emotionally it is a frame of laughter, playfulness, and vibrancy of energy and spirit.

I’ve asked some quality questions to assist making living our highest joy effortless and fun. Please use them to help you hone in on the issues to doing your highest joy, and remember, to do this work is some of the most strategically powerful work you can do. Use EFT or other good tools to help you.

What’s the easiest, most blisffully simple, effortless way to do/live/be my highest joy?

Clarity – what my highest joy/joys are

Playful – being childishly playful & seeing joy everywhere

Eliminating Fear:

-fear what others think
-looking stupid, immature, retarded, childlike or childish
-losing money, support, failing
-wont be supported/cant be supported by the universe
-fear wrong choice
-dont know it/cant find it

Fear of the unknown, the mystery, the worst of our fears, and the worst of our inner demons, secrets, traumas and terrors

May you delight in the realization you are all-that-is, that you have nothing to fear, and that you can step into the playful abandon of simple easily choosing to define your vision of paradise, or your heart’s desire, to be true and real right now. Do and be your highest joy and excitement and we will send the most profound force of healing, love and positivity across the earth and across the ages. As the animal sheds its dead layer of skin, you will let go of the cloak of illusion, and take your place throughout the universe as a living breathing all-that-is being, creating your reality as your highest delight.

WARNING: THIS IS SO POWERFUL IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. BY DOING THIS HEALING YOU WILL LITERALLY BE FACING YOUR WORST FEARS, AND SHOULD BE UNDERTAKEN ONLY WITH THE FULLEST CERTAINTY AS TO WHETHER YOU ARE READY FOR IT, AS WELL AS SUPERVISION BY A HEALING SPECIALIST, OR A GOOD TRUSTED FRIEND. Remember, you are responsible for yourself, so only you can evaluate whether you are mentally, physically and spiritually fit enough to release your worst fears and integrate them. I say these things to let you know that in releasing and integrating your greatest fears, you may experience a large amount of turmoil as the negativity fights to hold on before it evaporates. The technique involves a very powerful energetic clearing of your fear of facing your greatest fears, repressions, suppressions and core issues and traumas, so be prepared!

Have you ever wondered what the perpetual feelings of unease and anxiety are really about? Just the other day, being out with my friends at a popular bar, I could start to sense these feelings of unease and anxiety surfacing. It was not that those same feelings were not there before, but I had a moment of clarity where I could feel the unease and anxiety within my body

And so I thought to myself, with all the self-healing and growth work I apply for myself, what was at the core of this feeling?

It dawned upon me that is it possible there are repressed, suppressed and deeply buried issues that I was not even consciously aware of? Whether or not from early childhood, or even past lives if this is something that you think is real, I could sense that at the core of the feelings of unease or non-happiness was a sense of being hazy or confused about what my core, deepest issues were. Could the issue of being afraid, nay, terrified of my deepest core issues be a strong belief, being at the foundation of the perpetual anxiety of the ego mind, and therefore, resisting any and all attempts to grow and transform positively, especially so when opportunities for great positive transformation came up.

And so in doing a new powerful transformational technique, I started the release of what felt like years upon years of resistance to reality, to truth, and I felt a profound sense of the very self-biased ‘construct’ of reality melting away, and leaving in its place just a fresh, clear vision of beings standing in the truth of what is………like a minty gust of fresh wind blowing after a rain in a pristine forest, I saw the picture of men and women being so free of fear and their buried issues that they were totally at ease, loving and happy in each moment.

This new technique by the way is what I like to call Miracle Healing, and essentially what you are doing is the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono combined with other effective energy techniques like EFT. Repeat the following statements as you think about the problem, being:

I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thankyou and
I love you

You can also add if you like:
Return to source
I accept, allow and surrender this feeling
A subconsciously programmed release word you use with BSFF ( Be set free fast )

Combing powerful healing techniques creates super-leveraged energy release and personal growth, as different problems may have differing ways of sitting within your energy system, and some can be very stubborn! Saying these statements whilst using your thumb on your same hand to tap or touch the sides of the ends of your fingers, near the nails. This is Simple Energy Techniques developed by Steve Wells, and is an easy and fun release method you can do instead of the full EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) points. I also like to add “From the oneness of my being, even though I have X problem, I love and accept myself anyway, and send and allow the highest miracles towards X problem.” As a great statement to use whilst stating the ‘setup’ phrase with EFT. If you are confused just do a Google search on how to do EFT, and Ho’oponopono it takes about 5 min to learn.

So here is the script to follow:

Say this out loud 3 X as you are tapping on the side of your hand (karate chop point)

“From the oneness of my being, even though I am afraid and terrified of being aware of my greatest fears, suppressions, repressions, traumas and core issue, I love and accept myself anyway, and send and allow the highest miracles of healing and clarity towards these greatest core issues.”

“All parts of me creating these fears and blocks to releasing all my core issues, traumas, suppressions and fears:
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you and
I love you

You can also add if you like:
Return to source
I accept, allow and surrender this feeling
A subconsciously programmed release word you use with BSFF ( Be set free fast ) like ‘Woosh’ for example

And then tap out with the negative round the blocks:

Top of head: I fear facing my core issues
Eyebrow: I’m afraid of my core traumas
side of eye: Blocks to releasing my core issues
Under eye: Fears to let them become consciously known
Under nose: Scared to face them
Chin: I want to keep them buried
Collarbone: They terrify me
Armpit: I’m scared to face it

And keep tapping all the different feelings that will come out, whether you are using Simple Energy Techniques ( one-handed tapping ) or Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ), until you feel clarity on this issue

And then tap the positive round as follows:

Top of head: Miracles of clarity on my core issues
Eyebrow: Miracles to become aware and released on my core issues
side of eye: Miracles to release my core issues
Under eye: Highest miracles to be aware of my deepest core issues
Under nose: Highest miracles to accept my core issues and love myself totally
Chin: Highest miracles and solutions
Collarbone: Highest miracles of healing and insight on my core traumas and fears
Armpit: Highest miracles of total healing and release

Now what you may experience is a total shift in your being, as what used to be hidden and repressed by parts of your mind, and had a negative effect on your life under the surface of conscious awareness, now come up to be totally released and integrated. It is much better to be aware of these repressions and suppressions, and clear them so as they do not continue to act as a subconscious ‘misery’ magnet or ‘problem’ attractor, which they may continue to do until we eventually are forced to face these things from the frustration and challenges these issues will reflect upon the ‘mirror’ of reality and be real. But remember, if you are willing to try this healing to become aware of your greatest blocks and core issues, please make sure you do so when being fully responsible for yourself and in a fit state of mind to integrate and heal whatever comes up. As you do so expect miraculous shifts as the most leveraged negativity gets shifted and healed and your life will almost magically improve and settle amongst joyous peace.

The world financial system is crumbling and toppling like a house of cards. We hear about how the leaders of the world are going to save us with their ‘new world’ economic order, which is akin to letting the fox stop the death of the chickens, because he is eating them.

But how many are focusing on REAL solutions. Solutions that work and are the most efficient pathway to align us with the greatest prosperity, security, safety, abundance and joy during precarious or times of great transition.

Everything that is happening in the world is happening within us. We are facing collectively as a species, our own financial collapse of the entire foundation and fabric of the ‘system’ within ourselves, because the old ideas have gone to such extremes of self-destruction, that they are literally dying, both outside of ourselves and within ourselves! The old system to summarize, is PROFIT BY SLAVERY

The entire financial order is designed to profit a small tiny few, not out of profits, but out of a sadistic desire for control. What is the proof of this? The fact that money is not backed by gold or silver, is fiat ( funny money ) and backed by nothing but thin air and promises! It is the ability to have UNLIMITED POWER through the power of printing UNLIMITED MONEY. UNLIMITED MONEY in this world EQUALS UNLIMITED POWER!

So as the creator being we are, we are on some level or multiple levels, creating this negativity in the world, as a reflection of the negativity within us. So all we have to do is let go of needing to energize, create, manifest the negative or that we we would choose AS A PREFERENCE not to experience: Pain, torture, suffering, poverty, enslavement, disempowerment etc.

This is a great time! And what is the most efficient path to create manifest joy, abundance and prosperity during this transition? Choose joy! By aligning with our highest excitement, whatever it is, is the easiest form of integration in a profound statement to yourself, the world, and all that is that


That is it. The universe is perfect because it is perfectly created, and you are part of the perfect creation. You are perfectly supported by the universe in making manifest ANY reality you perceive as real. Remember your last dream? Dreams are reminders that we are not bound by physical limitation or space-time, and I often correct those who question the impossible, when they realize many dreams feel REALER than so-called ‘Reality’, and therefore the RULES of judging “what is real” aka the ‘5 senses’ are very, very, very biased towards whatever you feel is most real, true or obvious!

*****So in essence, if you would like to choose the best path to reinforce and multiply your wealth, your prosperity, your community and your family, it may be very important to step back out of the fray, out of the busyness or bus-i-ness, ( they mean the same thing ) and get in touch of what you are creating! Are you creating the new world order, world war III, or great suffering or depression for the world, your family, or the future? If so, WHY?!****

You see my friend, you can pretend that you are powerless, can be harmed, and are not infinite, but surely you will keep experiencing pain and displeasure at facing your own created limitation without learning from it. Your pain is telling you to let of where you are out of alignment with your joyous natural self! No-one or no-thing can harm you unless you allow it. There is a very good reason why every man and woman on the planet moves away from PAIN and towards PLEASURE! I recommend checking out the story of Dr Len Hew, a practitioner of Ho’oponopono , who just by clearing and cleansing his own parts of him that created violent patients in a mental institution who were diagnosed with the most severe illnesses, without even meeting or talking to any of the ‘patients’! All he did was look at their chart, and release that part of him that was creating the problems in the first place. Amazing.

Why is it that we always resist what is good? It is because we have energetic psychological reversal, or PR for short. Psychological reversal is essentially fear of truth, power and light, and once on a deep level we label or define or feel these things are bad, our whole system shuts down. By living our highest excitement, we can choose and experience what is of the highest feeling vibration as often as possible, and we will come face to face with seeing that our fear of truth, power and the light is what filters our power. Your most negative beliefs are linked to your greatest fears and negative emotions, and by choosing our highest excitement, we are choosing the shortest most efficient path to tuning into the perfection of the universe on all levels, and ‘flushing’ out all those ideas that are out of alignement with that. Everything is energy, so it is just make believe that any energy can have a controlling or negative effect on our experience and reailty, unless we consent on some level to it being so. We always exist, what you put out you get back, One is the all and all is the one, and everything changes except for the first three laws which are constant. These are the greatest gift, and the greatest learning lesson we can see upon our world manifest.

So to summarize, the most efficient way to prosper and be happy during the financial crisis, have fun doing your highest excitement, spreading the greatest value to others and therefore receiving the greatest amount of energy from them ( money ) and create what you desire by getting in touch with your definitions and perceptions of reality.

…….and it doesn’t hurt to buy 20%-30% of your net worth into physical gold or silver. At least put your cash into physical real value assets!

*Important note: This workshop is being held to cover costs and make it as accessible as possible to everyone. We really are doing our best to help you and all the members of the Australian community, so that we may be free and live a happy and joyous life in harmony with each other. We make a commitment to you, that we are here to help in the greatest ways we can, and in doing so, we ask that you provide us a small token of support in one way or another, as well as your commitment to solutions. The fundamental truth is that we all win by helping each other, and standing as a community, so much infinitely more than any selfish interests could ever do! If you are in a desperate financial situation, whatever your situation please contact us so that we may work something out so that you can attend, so that we can create positive change for the benefit of all. Please accept our heartfelt sincerity in helping you, in the understanding that we all need to support each other and do our best to be of greatest service and assistance to our fellow man. Thanks *

Dear Friends

I would like to introduce you to Mark Pytellek, a free man on the land, passionately working full-time for our precious rights and freedoms every day, by helping everyday Australians with addressing issues, in many cases for no financial reward or outside support. I would also like to introduce Peter Duff, who lets his biography speak for himself.

What we appear to be seeing in this country and elsewhere, is erosion of our traditional rights and liberties, and in 1985, whilst completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Mark first saw evidence of some of this erosion. Through the integrated system of corruption and self-serving agenda’s we see through academia and elsewhere, this lead Mark onto a quest for answers and solutions. He then became the leading agent and speaker for Investor International in 2000, and for over 2 years had been educating many men and women on Asset Protection, Privacy, Tax Minimization and Wealth Creation.

Studying under the best researchers and thinkers in Australia including Steve Lamb and Richard Garneau, and with assistance from friends in the legal profession, Mark has had great success closing presentments, with over 500 letters written using contract and common law combinations. Mark continues to research Admiralty law, Contract law and the Honour and Dishonour system, working on over 50 Notarial protests and solving various law problems and attacks for many individuals.

Mark has been told his time is valued at $1,500 an hour,
You can access his experience for two days for only a modest donation

What makes Mark different to most, is that I have not met anyone with Mark’s level of experience, commitment to helping others in need, and success that only comes from having the guts to do plenty of in-the-field action. He takes the most powerful and devastating self preserving, problem-solving law information, and applies it like no other!

In 2006 he commenced the Honour Dishonour, ‘Know who you are’ workshops in three Australian states and is still today conducting full weekend workshops to spread a message of freedom, sovereignty, love thy neighbour and community spirit, thereby empowering people to take personal responsibility for their affairs and effectively deal with many common issues and presentments at all levels.

So if you want to have a zero tax obligation this year, have access to the country’s most effective and street-tested lawful and commercial strategies and solutions, and live like a free, sovereign and empowered man or woman, book your place immediately.

– What: 2 Day Freedom and Sovereignty Workshop with Mark Pytellek and Peter Duff. DVD and community membership and support. $250 suggested donation
– When: Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd August 2008.
8: 30 introduction, for 9am sharp start to 5.00pm

– Where: GoodEarth Hotel, 195 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Land of Western Australia

Satisfaction is assured or you get your donation back

An outline of some of the benefits and solutions from attending this two day freedom intensive:

· How to effortlessly transform your mind-set to think like a free man or woman on the land, not a slave or vassal of the state

· How to have a ZERO TAX OBLIGATION, legally!

· How to act out of Love vs. Fear in your dealings, the motivators and their source

· Who attempts to enslave most of the world’s population, without their knowledge or willful consent, and why

· How to break the presumption of being a slave, debtor, fictional entity or straw man, in court and elsewhere

· How to use the deadly double-edged sword and power of the spoken word, “law” and “statutes” against those who would do you harm

· Membership, access and online support from our exclusive freedom community

· The top-secret, closely guarded, hidden knowledge of private vs. public

· Hierarchy of Authority and hierarchy of laws, and knowing how to use them

· How to deal with any and all issues, obligations or presentments privately, with 100% success!

· The amazing power of the Notaries protest, and the Administrative Private Resolution Process.

· Real life examples and case studies including: Debt, Tax, Rates, Debt Collectors, State Penalties, Police, Legal Firms, Courts, Government Departments or people, ASIC/ACCC/ASIO, private people, companies etc

· How to move toward freedom and sovereignty out of the system ( in this world not of the world) to the private world, with innovative, bulletproof asset protection

· The four categories of people, and how to have Free Man on the land status

· Solutions templates, including cutting edge mindset, spiritual and lifestyle solutions

For more information on Peter Duff’s biography and talk outline, please see attached information.

You can access this life-changing experience ( valued normally at thousands of dollars ) by the two dynamic men for two days for only a $250 donation”

The information provided by any providers or speakers is purely for private, informational purposes only, in the understanding that any participants attending or using the information are mature adults acting with total responsibility, at their own risk and private responsibility. All attendance is strictly in the private, with full responsibility and liability on those attempting harm

New humanities Agreement form


Hello friends

I have been overwhelmed with joy and excitement at what has felt like the breath of the universe blowing her divine wisdoms and insights into my reality, animating it with a sense of childlike aliveness and wonderment at the beauty of the world once again

In passionately contemplating such powerful ideas and concepts over many months now, I have felt like they have been compounding in their transformative power and vibration for the highest benefit of myself and others.

All the various transformative techniques I have been using have been tuning my being into the reality of unlimited love, bliss and joy more strongly each and every day, and I am seeing how profoundly simple all elements fit with our lives

My ‘playground’ so to speak has been masterminding with close friends, and moving closer to joyous abundance and bliss in all areas of life, and creating solutions for the various challenges that seem to be here. I have been using EFT, sleep programming, NLP, subliminal software and powerful metaphysical teachings, as well as strategic principles to look at the most holistic and ‘global’ solutions for not only common-place areas like love, wealth and success, but also spiritual, environmental and social solutions for the challenges we face

I will describe the following realizations as simply and clearly as I can

The solution is joy and bliss

As we can see with the various challenges and adventures we are facing spiritually, socially, environmentally and physically, at this stage of our evolution, we are in need of great changes. The old world model based on exploitation for the benefit of greed and control, as well as life based on struggle, hardship and difficulty, has not yielded a very good crop. Not only is our mother earth facing great disrespect and disdain, we are facing a spiritual crying out, as misery, unease and unhappiness pervade our modern society

In creating a world and a reality based on unconditional love, living our highest bliss and joy moment by moment, living for our community and each other through expressing our highest adventure and happiness in each moment, we are expressing ourselves as a ‘beacon of light’ and joy for others, as we allow others a ‘permission slip’ through us to live their highest joy. Through living our highest joy and bliss in each moment, the following massive benefits are available to us:

-We reflect a trust and faith in the universe that we are supported in our highest joy and bliss
-We reflect a universe of unconditional love and highest joy and support
-We align with our destiny and our purpose and why we are here
-We are full of enthusiasm, passion, excitement and happiness with what we are doing!
-We become like children again and see the world with adventure and magic
-We are most likely to have power and effect in the world as we create with love, because we are ‘tuning’ into an effortlessly abundant reality
-We enjoy each moment thoroughly and go beyond always ‘striving’ to be somewhere else, as well as the “I am not enough” unease
-Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional benefits galore! I cannot find an area where living your highest joy and bliss does not benefit! We are aligning in essence with the true essence of heaven and the fabric of the universe

An effortless way to live your highest bliss and joy

A wondrously effective and effortless way to live your highest bliss and joy each day is to become totally clear on all the amazing benefits and pleasurable advantages of doing so, and become clear about the pain that comes from living from.
“I am not enough”
“My highest joy is not my most productive focus”
“My highest joy is not where I can make the most money”
“I will be happy and satisfied when I accomplish X, Y and Z”
“I am not supported by the universe, or I cant live my highest joy and bliss now because of X, Y and Z”

As a very clear and obvious example, I will explain one of my highest joys and show you the link between living your highest joy and bliss and your highest productivity and success!

I love using, discovering and researching transformational techniques and solutions, and creating marvelous results in my reality. I also enjoy the exciting idea of creating harmonious, loving communities based on living our highest joy and love of each other and of nature. Now in sharing these ideas and technologies, not only am I creating massive transformation and joy for my own life, but I am also creating powerful solutions to the environmental, spiritual, social and freedom challenges and adventures we are facing today. In alternative housing, free energy, and remedy to the challenges through transforming our reality. You can see by living my highest joy I am of the greatest service to mankind, and hence, have the greatest results and good energies flowing my way. Forget about this whole self-sacrificing idea of charity,  the universe is truly a win-win-win!

Be blissful, ecstatic, joyful and totally satisfied right now!

We seem to think sometimes that in order to be blissful, ecstatic and totally satisfied we need to accomplish A, B, C and D! And then after we accomplish whats next, E, F, G and H! Obviously this system is not working, and these self-created ideas are making us miserable and unhappy! I heard an amazing quote today as follows “It is not until you realize your own self-worth and realize that what you desire is already within you, that you will be kept away from what you desire until you ‘get it.”

How about being this way? Instead of vibrating unhappiness and ‘not having’ in order to somehow motivate ourselves in order to have ‘things’ that will be permission slips to feel what we already have within us as a state of being, we vibrate:

I am totally ecstatic, blissful, joyous and satisfied, because I exist, AND if i like something, then I choose it and receive it from a place of gratitude and happiness regardless!

Now because we have something called the RAS ( reticular activation system ) that filters the information of the world according to what we perceive to be real, we will now start to see all the reasons as to why we are ecstatic, blissful, joyous and satisfied! What are the reasons? All the things that you like of course flowing to you effortlessly, the same things that were a struggle to receive before !

Our RAS shows that with the way we filter our reality, and literally see what we perceive, that if we would like to experience the most effortlessly abundant, magical, joyous and adventurous reality for ourselves, it helps a lot if we are perceiving this to be our reality! Can you see how a reality based on “struggle” “life is hard” “I got to pay the bills” is oppossing this joyous new reality, as well as not being too enjoyable as well. We can see where “life is hard” and struggling has got us too, lots of depression, prozac, wars and other challenges

Allowing and accepting and Surrender to what is

If excessive worry, fear and anxiety is a reflection of a belief that the universe is unsafe and dangerous, then allowing what is, accepting and peace through presence in the moment is a reflection of the knowing in the truth that the universe is perfect as it is. Ask yourself, “How would I behave if I knew with total certainty and knowing the universe is perfect and safe and unconditionally loving and abundant, and that I am perfect?” and you will start to feel some of the feelings of total trust and faith in the overwhelming goodness and abundance of life. Instead of worry and anxiety, it is likely that you would be greatly unnattached from ‘striving’, ‘pursuing’ and feeling like you have to ‘keep the forces at bay’. It is likely you would enjoy each moment, live your adventure and excitement, and be in a state of ease in receiving the abundance. In looking at our core realities around our ‘metabeliefs’ such as our beliefs about beliefs, beliefs about the universe and ourselves and other foundations of our reality, will go a long way into aligning with the abundance and support of the universe. At the same time it seems more are tuning into the reality that ‘everyone is working out for the best” on a global scale.

Do I trust/mistrust the universe?
The universe___________________me in these ways?
I am not enough because?
I am not deserving because?
I am not loved because?
I am not accepted because?
I always have to be in control because?
If I let go completely, the worst thing that can happen is?
If I let go completely and totally trust the universe, I am afraid ___________will happen?
My negative thoughts, beliefs affect me because_______________?
What do I need to do, to achieve the highest outcome?
What do I need to do, to receive what I like?
I am generally supported, unsupported each day?
I am happy/unhappy because?
I cant effortlessly receive what I like because?
My self-worth is not complete and abundant because?
I need external permission slips to allow me to be a certain way because?
I need permission slips to tune into the reality of my choice because?
I cant effortlessly create and choose the reality I like because?
I need to improve/ and fix the world because?
What is stopping me from being totally happy, blissful, and satisfied in every moment, regardless of what is happening?

So there it is. Have fun, play with these ideas and insights, and I am certain you will start to experience miracles and very pleasant suprises day by day. I will be starting another post soon to brainstorm and play with the idea of community creation and immediate solutions to doing so, however the most important steps have been outlined here, as heaven is right we are standing now.

Have fun!


Hello friends

Its been an amazing few weeks seeing changes in my reality in big ways, probably due to the effectiveness of my sleep programming track and using the quantum power of questions combined

The biggest difference I can see, is that everyday it seems the universe is guiding me towards great opportunities, experiences and events, and drawing my goals and desires every closer to me

I would like to share with you a culmination of my most insightful and strategic realizations, on how you can supercharge EFT and your growth by many levels. I will be using models and metaphors to assist in taking these insights and using them. You will need to follow along with EFT if you want to have the full effect, and you can learn the steps by going to or even better going to and searching for EFT, there are tons of good videos there to show you how to do this easy and potent technique

1. Combining 80/20 Pareto’s Principle with EFT

This is one idea that is exceptionally powerful when applied in any area of life, ESPECIALLY when combined with something as life-changing and leveraged as EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ). The idea came from Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that there was a repeatable pattern, of an imbalance across all fields, such as around 20% of people having 80% of the wealth, 20% of customers generating 80% of the profit, and 20% of criminals creating 80% of the crime. In studies he found this applied to almost every area, with amazing implication for all areas.

This also means, that around 10-20% of your beliefs create 80-90% of your problems! Think of your whole reality makeup as a pyramid, and the core beliefs right at the peak either creating all the bliss, or all the pain. Why focus on those 80% beliefs that create 20% effect, when we can get right to the core of the issue!

OK, so how do I identify the core 10% or 20% beliefs?

From what I can see it seems that the core 10%-20% of beliefs, are the direct ‘realities’ you perceive in the main areas of life, and what you perceive as real. A fantastic excercise you may find great benefit from, is what I call the “Reality is… worksheet”. You write out the following and answer the questions out loud, and go through while tapping.

Reality is…..worksheet
Ask yourself the following question:-
What are my core beliefs?
What are the 1% of beliefs that create 99% of effect in my life?
What are the 1% of beliefs that create 99% of the problems?
What are the 1% that create 99% of the pleasure?
What are the core 10% that makeup my reality?
What are the core 20%?
If there was one main perception creating most of the problems it would be….?

Reality is….
Life is……
My life is…
I am….
Women are…
Men are….
My friends are in general….
People are….
My environment is…
My purpose is….
My identity is…
My values are…
My competencies are…
My behavior is….
People in general are _____ to me
Life is generally______ to me
Money is _______ to make
I expect ______ things in general
God is____for me

The shining apex beacon of light! The next quantum leap of evolution with EFT is here with the following. I will be writing another post on this one idea because it is literally glowing with radioactive energy at the moment hehe!

Think of what is the underlying, foundational perception of your existence?

Your relationship with the universe/creator/god
Do I expect/feel in each moment that I am supported, or do I feel like I am being sabotaged?
and the big one

From the lifelong zen monk, to the ego maniacal banker tycoon, we all seem to be hard-wired almost to be moving towards pleasure and away from pain

Our rules for what makes us feel this pleasure, and move away from pain are different, however this is a theme that runs through the behavior and focus of every man and woman. And so it would make sense that how easy/hard it is for us to succeed in meeting our rules, and creating what gives us pleasure/away from pain would play a big part!

There is not really anything more global and empowering to focus on, then on our spiritual global perceptions of reality. Many people in society feel an uneasy sense of the world ‘being against’ them, almost if they have to keep the forces of destruction at bay by constantly worrying and ‘keeping on top of things’. They have been brainwashed with a destructive and dis-empowering sense of ‘life is hard’

Spiritual peace, and presence of being, which many attribute to an enlightened state of being, is an experience of a trust, a solid knowing, in the perfection, divinity or goodness of the universe. It seems to be a knowing in the statement “life is perfect /effortless /divinely ordered” The ultimate act of this trust it seems is to be empty of thought, in a state of enjoyment of the moment

The opposite of this state seems to be overwhelmed by worry and anxiety, which seems to be an experience and belief in that the universe is chaotic and even aggressive, and is your enemy that needs to be conquered, battled or defended against. Many feel this way, and I think this is a part of the reason in the increase in depression, escapism and other social problems

My question to you is:

How different would you act, be, and feel, if you knew with total certainty, that you were guided and fully supported by the universe?

Can you see how such a massive global perception all of a sudden makes wiping out all the little ‘trees in the forest’ obsolete? From my own experience,  have felt that if I did not address the water source of these trees, that they would seem to regrow pretty quickly. If you target the water source to your negativity ( the global perceptions ) you can cover a whole lot of these tail-enders very effectively, and here is the beaut part:

When you identify the global tail-enders, you can bring about the same effect but for the opposite positive side, with a reframe!

So to get started on shifting your Apex of reality, you may ask yourself the following questions while tapping:

Apex Spiritual Reality tapping

The creator has rejected me because….
I am separate from the creator because…
I am separate from the universe because..
I am hated by the creator/universe because…
I am a sinner/condemned because…
The universe/creator is against me because…

And then you can do the following as well
I love myself because…
I hate myself because…
I cannot accept myself because…

I am loved by other because…
I am hated by others because..

I am safe because…
I am unsafe because…

and when you identify big tail-ender, make sure to reframe with a positive, for example:

I am separate from the universe because I feel separate and weak…tap it out and tap in
I am one with the universe and I belong, because I feel the unity, and I feel strong in who I am

And if you do one thing, tap on the following:

I create what I desire easily
Its hard to create what I desire

This could be the most important thing you could ever tap on. Enjoy!


Wow! I cannot describe in words how powerful the following technique can be. The power lies in using the tremendous power of questions, rather than affirmations, directed at guiding and programming the deepest parts of our being and our subconscious mind.

Here I have copied and pasted the following posts from my favourite forum on which I highly recommend! If you do not utilize this technique, at least use the power of questions to transform your life.

1. Questions:-

Let me break this down for people as to why questions are so powerful. This is not my opinion but from NLP experts and basic research into how the brain works. You can read more about it from Rex Sikes’ NLP course

1) Every thought you have is an answer to a question. Therefore the brain and mind IS directionalized by questions, and moves in a certain direction depending on the questions asked

2) A question presupposes what you are asking and assumes what you are asking is true. If I ask myself, “why is it becoming so easy and fun to exercise and choose to be healthy?” I am assuming and presuming to my mind and being that this is already true. This is more powerful than an affirmation and Rex Sikes estimates questions can be up to 400X more powerful!

3) Questions are powerful simulators of useful answers. Where an affirmation may be affirming something you desire, a question generates lots of new ideas, solutions and concepts that can help move you in the new direction, more easily and enjoyably and quickly

4) Moving into a new direction. Questions force your mind to focus on the new direction, and can circumvent tail-enders because of the powerful assumption and presumptions built-in, which in my cases bypasses the conscious mind!

5) Questions can be fun and exciting. Because you are generating answers and solutions, questions can be the perfect tool to move into the new reality immediately, rather than wait for the affirmation to start making changes

6) Questions force you to be more strategic. Whilst many are too ‘tactical’ and function on autopilot, taking a roundabout or even painful and difficult path to getting what they desire, questions immediately put you into a more ‘global’ birds eye view POV where you can identify a much more enjoyable, easier and joyful path!

7) Questions can accelerate the ‘Rampage of References’. Every belief and knowing in our minds is supported by reasoning and references as to why it is real, so why not use the power of references to reinforce emotionally and logically why our afformation or new reality statement is not only true, but absolutely positively true. To use this for example, you ask ” Why is it so easy and fun for me to choose to be healthy and to exercise, with the fun program i am on, with the delicious organic food i enjoy, with the play i have? ”
“Isn’t it amazing how abundant and prosperous I am, now that I am choosing to do my highest excitements, to appreciate what I have, to choose fun and joy each day, to have this miraculous healing tool?”

To make this easier I would identify strong key references to reinforce this new reality and use one core reference each time the question is asked. For example if it is money and abundance:-

“Isnt it so thrilling to be so abundant and wealthy, now that I ( choose one )
-choose to live my highest excitement and passion each day
-have this miraculous tool to create whatever i desire
-allow the flow of abundance to come to me
-give and share massive value to others with no expectation

Cool Questions powerfully shift you state and being. When you state an affirmation ” I choose to be healthy and to enjoy excercise” tail-enders can pop up, and create a negative or conflicing state.

9) Solutions powerfully focus us on solutions! In studies and research of the richest and happiest members of society, it was found the CORE difference with those individuals and in many cases the only difference, was that they focus on what they DESIRE and HOW TO GET IT most of the time! That is it! I have experienced that questions powerfully focus us onto solutions, and solutions seem to energize us quite effectively, and give us momentum

10) Questions give you more momentum. Whilst an affirmation can surface tail-enders and simply affirm a new reality, you will find that the affirmation will allow solutions to surface. With questions we are flushing out effective solutions more effectively, which in turn spurs us into getting excited about taking action, and building momentum to create our desires and dreams. Even if it is a small thing, a question can create some momentum which is better than starting from still.

If in doubt I can tell you that I have used questions in the past, and was noticing big changes in a matter of a few days. I have believe questions played a part in manifesting a real estate deal where I made over $50,000. I am even more excited this time around to incorporate them into EFT!! Woo hoo!

How else can you use questions very powerfully?
I would experiment with creating an afformation (question) sleep track, that you could listen to when going to sleep. If you add a consciousness altering music track this can assist the integration better. It is my researched opinion that questions would be the most effective means of bypassing conscious resistance and inserting new reality statements and possibilities into the mind. I have done a TON of research and I am happy to share my secrets and insights into sleep programming, which is a very easy and yet powerful tool for massive transformation

Have fun


2. Sleep Programming



Sleep programming is the use of recorded affirmations and statements, usually with background music, designed to powerfully and effectively program the subconscious mind and reality state towards a positive direction. An updated tool in boosting its effectiveness is the use of questions, which multiply the effectiveness many times over ( see previous post ) Various tools and methods can be used to increase the effectiveness of the whole. My personal experiences have been almost surreal changes in the area I was programming in, and manifesting synchronistic events that corresponded with my new reality

Note: I refer to ‘question affirmations’ ‘questions’ or ‘afformations’ this all means affirmations stated as questions. I describe why this is so powerful in another post you can find under my nick

Overall Strategy/ Concepts to use

-In using powerful tools we can refer to the force multiplier effect, using overwhelming force to deeply and powerfully program our mind and reality to a new state

-Quality Questions. Asking powerful questions about questions to stimulate highly strategic and effective solutions to our goals.

e.g. What are very powerful, effective and deeply transformative questions to ask, to create great positive transformation, change and magnetizing our desires and dreams towards us?

How can we make sleepprogramming extremely effective and profoundly trans-formative?
What are some of the most effective, powerful tools we can add to the process?
How can we state the questions in a powerful, deep effective way?
What NLP or other therapies would create great effect?
How can we craft our questions to most deeply and powerfully shift the mind into a positive state?

How to do
Write out a Question/Afformation script, covering the area you want to transform. It is preferably a goal or dream that you strongly desire, as this will build motivation and momentum for programming with questions throughout the day and move you to do the inner work. Once you have written the script, record onto your computer, using the many different audio recorder programs available. It is best to record in mp3 or other compressed audio format. I use Sound Forge by Sony, to record my affirmations, and to mix them in with my background music. I recommend an mp3 player so that you can listen to your track as you are going to sleep at night. Get hold of some small earbud headphones, so you can listen to your track especially if it has a mind altering track with brain wave entrainment

1) Tap into the ‘knowing state’
When recording the question, use the phrase “I exist” within your questions. We desire to tap into the submodalities and feelings of certainty and knowing, as this will already help the knowing feeling we receive when we state our question. Use things you ‘know’ to be true, which affirm your being and create this knowing state throughout the affirmation

2) Use descriptive, emotional and programming language
We are communicating to our subconscious, so it helps to use powerful metaphors, metaphors of nature such as the ocean, a mountain, wind, etc. Symbols and dreams are the language of our SC mind, so use them in your script, especially symbols, images and language that stimulates a powerful emotional response within you

3) Record the track in an altered state
When recording questions and afformations, it is important to speak in a monotone, boring and flat voice. This allows you to fall asleep, as you may find it difficult to sleep if you hear emotional peaks and valleys in your voice. Even so, emotion can have a powerful effect in shifting the belief, so experiment with both techniques, both a flat voice and a vibrant, emotional voice. The important thing to do is to to listen to some very relaxing music or audio, to put the mind into that altered meditative state that assists in recording the script

4) Focus only on what you desire. The universe gives you what you put out, with the law of attraction, hence it is a good idea to focus only on what you desire, and not to attract what we do not desire. Focusing on energizing our desires, and matching our vibrations with that, is a big key to creating joy rather than frustration. Another important tool in abundance is a good positive reality around our ability to create.

5) Create blissful states of gratitude and abundance. A good way to start your question affirmation is: “How blissful, ecstatic and joyous can it be that I exist, and that I create abudance, wealth and riches flowing to me now!” Notice how we ask a question presupposing a very high and joyous state of bliss and gratitude, which creates a powerful vibration and command

6) Listen to it every night. This allows it to sink in deeply and is easy to do. Use your track also if you can when you are meditating.

7) Put your affirmation questions into a ‘mind movie’. Google or youtube ‘mind movies’ and see a wonderful example of using technology to manifest our desires and dreams. It is an inspiring video made on your desires and dreams, with an uplifting background song and lots of positive photos. You will create unstoppable power and results if you combine mind movies with your sleep track! Especially when instead of affirmations, you use question affirmations in your mind movie!

8) Use a multiplier e.g. This is a secret weapon that will annihilate obstacles in your path, that combined with the already powerful affirmations, creates ridiculously powerful results! Repeat this statement, clearly and powerfully, at least 10 times or more before repeating the affirmations. This accelerator will get your unconscious to more readily and powerfully accept the commands.

“How joyous, blissful and ecstatic can it get, now that your mind will keep these commands in your memory permanently
and all the time, and make everything necessary for them to happen in the best and most powerful ways. How much joy can you feel, now that you are accepting these commands in the deepest and most powerful ways, as having listened to them 100,000 times.”

“How blissful can it be now that you have accepted these commands in the deepest and most powerful
ways! 3 times
Followed by this affirmation, stated clearly and powerfully; ” How joyous am I now that these
commands be fulfilled. And so shall it be!” 3 times.

You can also input commands to allow for a better refreshing sleep, which can be helpful when you are creating deep changes in your subconscious!
Bonus Ideas

9) Get subliminal software. Use the question affirmation in your subliminal software so you are getting the messages flashed on your screen consistently. This can help reinforce the desires and dreams. REmember to do the commands in question affirmation form!

10) Combine EFT with your sleep track. You can greatly assist the process, if everyday you use the Palace of Possibilities technique ( more info on ) to flush out tailenders and blocks, and affirm the positives. You may use TAT, BSFF or other techniques to assist the releasing. I like to use SET simple energy techniques being one handed tapping for speed and consistency.

11) And some advice that is very important. FOLLOW YOUR HIGHEST JOY AND EXCITEMENT EACH AND EVERY DAY. This is one major thing you can do to supercharge abudance, joy and step into the vibrational state of happiness, that will allow the abudance of the universe to flow through you. Surely it is clear today that being unhappy is detrimental to wealth, wellbeing and happiness, so why do anything that is not the highest joy, abudance and excitement?

Have Fun


3. Mind Movies
By creating a movie with inspiring music, photos or video, you can use the power of an emotion driving video to inspire and release your creative powers to summon them forth. Check out as an example, or check out ‘mind movies’ on or

What is the most powerful, results generating question to ask to give us the greatest free green energy solutions we can use right now?

What are the most easy to apply, affordable, simple to use or develop green energy/free energy solutions immediately available to us?

Firstly, to see a review by Pure Energy Systems congress of the top 100 most promising technologies, go here–_RD

There is a lot of information out there, with many claims of devices that promise green energy at low cost, or almost free after initial costs. While there are scamsters out there, there is much evidence to show that many machines can be proven to work, and have a basis in science. We are going to outline the best solutions that are easiest and most affordable to use and apply right now.

Solar Panels. What is the easiest and most affordable option?

Whilst there are interests that are keeping solar panel ( SP ) technology expensive, there are innovations already around that make SP an affordable solution. A great solution may be to import them directly from china or manufacturers from sites such as, as I doubt companies like BP price their solar panels so expensively for no reason. has a product on homemade solar panels, and you may find some good information if you do a search. Whilst making solar panels at home may work, I think the easiest option may be to just do a co-op buy directly from the manufacturer, maybe even making a profit after the government rebate!

Home-made or screen printed SP
Solar panels can be made with a screen printing press and commonly available materials. Commonly used chemicals such as Titanium Oxide have good conductive properties, and are cheap and abundant. Whilst you may need to do some research into how to go about this I have heard examples of a whole house being powered for a few thousand dollars. It may be more practical to just look at affordable solutions from others who have already invented the wheel

Wind Generators. What is the easiest and most affordable option?
Whilst large wind generators are sold for absurd prices, such as $1 million and up for one tower, many low cost affordable solutions in wind power are available. The perfect example is the wind power fans and units available from Motorwave group, with link to website here and video below

Hydrogen and Natural Gas. What is the easiest and most affordable option?

Whilst not finding any commercially available product that supplies hydrogen to the car’s engine onboard, I have found an interesting alternative, being Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) With similar performance to petrol, compressed natural gas can be an even more affordable alternative to LPG. A good site explaining the difference is available here

Another solution could be using an affordable hydrogen generator. Electrolysis and new developments have made this process inexpensive and fairly simple, and one could make the hydrogen at night, and fill a tank up for the next day. While the power generated from a car battery does not seem to provide enough power to run a car 100% on hydrogen, there is no reason why a generator plugged in at home could not provide enough hydrogen for a car tank. Keeping in mind that hydrogen has the highest combustion rate, it is easy to see that it is a good idea to run a car totally on hydrogen. It is possible to buy conversion kits for cars, although some research is required.

Magnetic Energy. What is the easiest and most affordable option?

Browsing through sites such as and, you can see that there are a few operating magnetic motors that seem to run solely on magnets. This is definitely possible, and it does not break any rules of physics whatsoever. Magnetic shielding via tin can be used in the design, as this would allow for the attracting side to be shielded, so the magnets could be exclusively one force. This is a major obstacle, for many magnetic engine have failed because the attracting force would balance out the repelling force

Perendev Motor

Magnetic shielding – the holy grail

Please feel free to add and input good ideas, and most of all, simple and affordable solutions to green energy. I will keep you posted of any developments I come across, and in the mean time you may want to check out some free energy sites such as and

lots of love



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