The Googolplex factor, or…. How to make a ‘skeptics’ brain explode


You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes

I find it funny when I meet people who are exceptionally sure about reality, as if they have everything 100% figured out, what is possible, what is impossible and so on. Even if you talk to someone who is a Nobel prize winning scientist, or a physics professor, or Steve Hawking or even Albert Einstein, this information still applies ( they probably would agree with this post too). I don’t care how many credentials or degrees or scientific breakthroughs or how high their IQ is, people who are closed off to adventurous possibilities that do not fit inside the very limited ‘box’ of mainstream thought and behaviour, will find they will not have an answer when you dissolve all their ‘skeptic’ assumptions with what I call the Googolplex factor. You don’t have to have a huge IQ or study science for years to grasp or develop breakthrough ideas.

A Googolplex btw is a 1, followed by so many zeros you get tired off writing them, typically in the hundreds or thousands. In essence a gigantic number.

First of all….You need to get some ideas of scale pictured in your mind. Now, imagine for a moment, the miniscule size of Earth, compared to the rest of our solar system. Then think about how far the closest star is to us, being Proxima Centauri which is about4 light years away. This is 4 years in our time, traveling at the speed of light, which is a ridiculous distance away.

Now think about how there are literally billions of stars, and even billions of solar systems even in our own galaxy. In our galaxy, there are 219 known solar systems, but these are only the ones we have ‘found’. Scientists estimate there may be billions of solar systems in just our own galaxy.

Here is an interesting quote from the ‘Ask an Astrophysicist’ site

“In 1999 the Hubble Space Telescope estimated that there were 125 billion galaxies in the universe, and recently with the new camera HST has observed 3,000 visible galaxies, which is twice as much as they observed before with the old camera. We’re emphasizing”visible” because observations with radio telescopes, infrared cameras, x-ray cameras, etc. would detect other galaxies that are not detected by Hubble. As observations keep on going and astronomers explore more of our universe, the number of galaxies detected will increase. For more about the Hubble Space Telescope, check out this web site:

What is fascinating is there are ‘visible’ galaxies, and other ‘invisible’ spectrum’s that are in different frequencies. More on this later

Anyway the point of all this being is that the size of our ‘universe’ is so ridiculously massive that it can be hard to grasp, and it definitely boggles the imagination. As this applies on a big scale, so it applies doubly with the really tiny goings on of existence on a minuscule scale, which is the realm of metaphysics and physics and quantum science etcetera. What is truly profound is that there are so many more spectrum’s of existence, that most probably are even greater than the spectrum that we are consciously aware of. As the astrophysicist said, we have infrared, x-ray, radio, microwave spectrum’s and these are just the realities that the science community want to acknowledge as being ‘real’, and that is after a lot of kicking and screaming in most cases by the experts, in most cases!


Buckle up your seatbelts, Dorthy, ’cause Kansas, is goin’ bye-bye

It is very safe and logical to say, that the universe is so giant, so mammoth in scale to our minds and our brains ( it is a googolplex indeed), that even if we could say with complete certainty, that we know 99.9 to the power of a trillion of the universe, all figured out, with conventional thinking, we still would not know……….. ‘Jack!’, not even a centillionth of a percent ( a centillion is 1 followed by 303 zeros). That centillionth of a percent, a figure so small it is almost beyond our language or comprehension, could be such a giant and important piece of the puzzle of understanding of our universe and reality, that it could flip everything we ‘know’ and take for granted completely upside down, side ways and blended in a put in a blender! That is not to say we cannot have total all knowing , but only until we have the experience of total oneness.

The problem with science is that it is paradigm based, and it relies on the previous paradigms of reality before it. There is a fantastic saying from NLP ( Nuero Linguistic Programming ) “The Map Is Not The Territory”, and most scientists will in 99% of cases only operate in the current ‘map’ of reality that is available, or risk being ostracized, ridiculed and rejected from their establishment organizations and networks

But when in history have paradigms stayed the same? Throughout all fields we have seen that our maps of reality have changed very dramatically over time, where concepts that everyone was certain were true, were turned inside out and flipped around. The last hundred years is proof positive that no-one cannot claim with any certainty, what will be true in twenty years, fifty years or two hundred years.

The Time Possibility Graph


And this brings us to our next point. If you look at the diagram above , you will see a rough progress of technological development over the centuries. If you examine history you would find that there were gradually rising slopes, then a paradigm would come along where you would seea temporary ‘leap’, and then you would get a rising slope again. In the last hundred years we have definitely seen great and amazing technology and paradigm-busting inventions, that only fifty or a hundred years ago you would have been institutionalized for speaking about.

Now we have all these academics, all these scientists, geniuses and prize winning smart asses, going around saying ‘this is this way’, and ‘that is that way’ and attacking people who say speak about amazing out of the box things like remote viewing, the possibility of extraterrestrials or our connection with nature and energy, but I ask you, how many paradigm busting, mind-blowing technologies have been suppressed, repressed or crushed, simply because it threatened existing paradigms, or the status quo of the commercial system? This is why it is vital to know about 9/11 being an inside job, and the secret history of the world from a standpoint of highlighting the role of the ‘Dark Agenda’. You will then comprehend why many great things have been suppressed for hundreds and thousands of years from us all


If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain

It becomes even more bizarre and amazing when one researches and finally discovers remote viewing. What started as highly top secret research projects into gathering intelligence using psychic powers, has now become released to the public, and tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands have successfully performed remote viewing for themselves, and proved its accuracy and reality. It IS real and I and some friends have experienced its reality, with one of my first sessions being 100% on target, with only 8 random digits to guide me, and my innate psychic abilities.

With the release of the knowledge of remote viewing, it was found that we as men and women, can travel anywhere in time and space. Think of the implications of this. This means that fundamentally, we have access to any knowledge or anything in the known universe, including inventions and technology from the possible future realities! ( it is important to note remote viewing the future is the most difficult, since it is always only a possible future reality )

As long as we stay bound to trusting only our five sense reality, we can never be willing to explore the greater inter dimensional and interwoven dimensions and experiences of our being.

Why stay bonded to the illusion, when the 1 centillionth percent of conventional wisdom can never prove anything. All we need to do is work backwards from the most sensible and probable assumption that:-

“Anything is possible, The Impossible is real and limitations and doubts are based in illusion”

In fact this knowing can be more than just playing with philosophy, with the unprecedented challenges we are all facing in this experience on Earth at this moment. This way we produce results that are more in line with what we desire, rather than working at a snail pace towards to the inevitable conclusion that will probably only be figured out in thousands of years if we left it to conventional science

And if it is not possible in this reality, then it certainly is possible in another reality. We have multidimensional abilities with our consciousness, able to experience an incredible array of potential experiences naturally, dreaming or astral projection being a perfect example. Remote Viewing is an incredibly exciting development into what is possible, and will surely be the groundwork for wilder and more imaginative developments in years to come.


There is no spoon. Then you will see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself

Remember, consciousness attracts what it focuses on, and many things our ancient forefathers could not even imagine or dream about, are real today. The illusion of time is no obstacle anymore to reach the greatest magnitudes of possibility and greatness

In Oneness

Infinitus Immortalis