What were the hidden, most fascinating and empowering secrets and spiritual concepts embedded in the Matrix Trilogies?

The Matrix trilogies are a landmark awakening series of movies. They proved that not only was the theme of discovering who we are incredibly attractive to many people, but it also placed many exceptionally powerful concepts and ideas, designed to powerfully stimulate, and ultimately awaken the mind as to who we really are, unlock our exceptional abilities and to become one again.

Before you read this post, it is better if you know about the new world order ( a phrase used by George Bush Snr and other leaders recorded on film), or at least that 911 was an inside job. If you are still battling against the truth of government sponsored terrorism and the reality of the new world order, dark agenda system…Then you will not understand what is said in this article, on the same level

You have no excuse in the world not to know the truth, for in knowing the truth it will ultimately awaken you to the magnificence of our reality, and at the same time protect you from the dangers of ignorance


Here is the link. Please, go now. Spend one hour and a half investing in the truth and in your life….If you have made a snap negative judgment, dismissed me or this site …Than you clearly are not ready to be fully conscious, since history has proven governments use terror and fear to control the people. I’m not going to argue for it either, go to the video and learn the truth, and go through all the debunked arguments to the contrary in your own mind, or you simply may find yourself totally unprepared for the great changes coming soon. If this seems harsh it is not near as bad as still being asleep, for then you may unknowingly betray your friends and family, and will still have conditioned responses like most people do to topics that open you up to the magnificence of the universe and who you are. e.g. What goes after conspiracy….( most people say theory! )

Knowing the reality of government sponsored terrorism is the equivalent of the red pill in the matrix, and is the most powerful jolt you can get to your system, to wake you up to the fact that you are have been harvested for maximum commercial and emotional energy. Just check it out for a few hours as a bit of fun, what do you have to lose except for lies and propaganda designed to control you and make you afraid?

Onward……….For those who are already awakened to these things:


“The matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind
you of the truth”


The Matrix operates on two intricate and encompassing levels. The first is the commercial banking system, including the physical and psychological use of terrorism, ‘police’, societal values and other tactics designed to enslave the mind and body and protect this system of exploitation, for the production of maximum commercial financial production and energy. Even in the film when Neo awakens to the horror of the millions of beings around him cocooned in delusion as he was, has parallels to your legal and commercial status in the system, and to the orderly structure of houses in cities positioning the people like cattle. The second level is the most effective and is the control of the mind, mainly through the delusions and symptoms of the ego or egoic mind, manifesting in an almost complete lack of being in the here and now always striving, always seeking for elusive but never found happiness. These second level mind challenges and obstacles represent what seem to be the futility of fighting the power of the machines in the film, once one joins the ‘war’. The truths at this first level ( commerce ), and especially at the second level ( mind ), seem so unbelievable and contrary to what most people have been led to believe, you can tell them the truth straight to their face, and they cannot even comprehend a bit of what you are saying, let alone believe you! For example if I started to explain that there is no lawful money of gold and silver anymore as according to most constitutions around the world, many people look at you like a deer in headlights. Because this topic in itself could fill up about 100 kilos of books, If you are interested in awakening to the understanding of the first level, commercial system of exploitation, then follow the white rabbit in your own time, at the link below:-


And be sure to check out http://www.redicecreations.com must see clips, Jordan Maxwell and Robert Menard on google video in Canada

This ‘red pill’ in the Matrix, represents that first brutal and shocking awakening. For many it is learning that 911 was an inside job. Some other themes that seem to knock them out of delusion, is learning about the high level of corruption in nearly all governments, questioning the sanity of societal values ( imagine the insanity if there were no drugs or television ) , or the warmongering and genocide we are seeing in the middle east. The truth of 911 is essentially is one of the best massive jolts’ that can be a foundation for learning other means of controls, as well as the great movie series called ‘Money Masters’ on google video. On a positive note these things are all about learning about all the magnificent and wondrous things that have been kept from you. It is such a shock that for many it may take months just to process, as it did for me, but we are very fortunate now in that millions are awakening to this grand deception at a very fast speed.

As we learn about 911, we then learn about how the government lies and deceives with just about everything else. At the same time we can come across amazing and incredible information at the same time as well. We learn about the government running remote viewing psychic intelligence programs ( Gen Stubblebine interviewed by Alex Jones as well as many whistle blowers ) , the reality of intelligent life ( see the documentary Disclosure Project ) and such fascinating things as our multidimensional reality and abilities, as discussed on great alt news sites like redicecreations, speakes like Stuart Wilde, David Icke etc. So just as in the Matrix film the horror of awakening to the attempted enslavement of man, it also goes hand in hand with access to advanced, almost superhuman abilities and skills! Just as in the Matrix film as Neo learns martial arts at lightning speeds, has access to anything in the construct, so in our ‘real world’ you can go anywhere in time and space psychically, change reality through your perception and create miracles with the unfathomable power of your being! I know by experience having remote viewed, done mind control experiments ( non-harmful ) and experienced what many would consider ‘impossible’

The real problem, dilemma and at the same time; opportunity is this. Knowing the truth about the government deception and control, and even becoming a knowledgeable expert on the topic can have negative consequences, and after a time of emotional upheaval we are almost forced to eventually come to see the greatest weapon of oppression – our own mind. With each bit of insight into the myriad web of control, it can become very disheartening and depressing. It can all seem too gigantic and powerful to take on, and many truth seekers become full of hatred and anger against the seeming ‘agents’ of oppression. After taking the ‘red pill’ of awakening to the control, we come to the real challenge which is our belief in separation and the delusion. Even though we are much more aware than a neighbor, we are still being controlled by the same mind barriers ( bar-riers )of our own perception

Is this not enough evidence to show you/we are so deep in the illusion?……..Please….Ponder this

…..For a moment…..

Unfortunately, no-one can be told, what the matrix is………..You have to see it for yourself..


A take on definitions of ideas from the movie

The Real World

It is the terror, fear and horror one feels initially, when one learns about the full reality, and weight of the new world order, one world government plan, and who is behind it. It is also going beyond the mass-held beliefs of the earth, and delving into the unknown, without the firmest security around….. Comfortable and permanent convictions about your reality and the world you live in.

“Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas, is going bye bye”

The Truth

You create both the paradise of your reality, and you also create the prison. But nearly all people in most cases cannot even see the bars! You live in a Matrix that is even more intricate and complex than the one in the film. Even if you are told, you are still blocked from ‘seeing it’ or really `experiencing it’ because you take your universe for granted as being real. Not one man or woman or earth lives in the same universe as you

Agent Smith

“Human beings are a disease……….. You are a cancer of this planet……….And we… are the cure”

The Illuminazi ( also know as `Illuminati’ ) speaking to you as directly as possible. For hundreds, and thousands of years, they have manipulated the human psyche, to create a matrix prison wall around you life, your experiences, and your very sights, sounds, smells and feelings. They can self-replicate through fears, delusions and egoic-looking behaviour in our friends, family and associates to block our path. This mentality is psychotically mechanistic and cold, however in its delusion it has not comprehension of the intelligence even beyond its own comprehension

Do you think my forefathers, and your forefathers, who were burnt at the stake; would not create ripples of trauma through the psyche of man?

Do you think around 200 million people get killed, in the last 100 years alone…And you do not feel it?

Do you think experiencing thousands upon thousands of deaths ( through TV ), by the time you are 10 years old, will not affect you now?

Great fear and trauma, that until NOW…Right here, right NOW……………..Has not been able to loosen from the belly of mankind and YOUR life. All these traumas, fears and problems will surface for us, so that we can resolve it and heal so that the same problems are not created once again

The ‘system’ ( sewer ) is more complex, intricate and clever than the matrix in the movie. The Illuminazi are not just cold and without conscience as are the machines, but show signs of evil and hatred for man

“They are watching you Neo”


It is accurate……….

On a legal level

On a level of what you are in your ‘job’ or ‘society’ or ‘commerce’, as in a battery unit

On a spiritual level

On an experiential level

On what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, and smelling, right now

On nearly most all ‘alternative’ paths you come across. Western or Eastern philosophies, political paradigms, etc

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. When you are inside. You look around. What do you see? Teachers, lawyers, businessmen: the very minds of the people that we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight any change.”



They are so confident it won’t make a difference, that’s why they allowed the movie to be released. Did you know passing on the secrets from The Matrix film, would of gotten you burnt alive, tortured or killed instantly, one hundred years ago, or even today, in some cultures

But we wont fall back into the old ways will we….Together, we will become our true selves, the infinite beings that we know, deep…deep inside ourselves, we know we are. I do feel strongly that there is a big shift moving forward not only in consciousness, but in all areas of our most held insititutions and sacred cows. The sacred cows are being turned into hamburgers, and the so-called ‘scientists’ ( I call them scientismists ) who arrogantly defend their newtonian viewpoint of reality are being left behind by real scientists who are seeing the truth where science meets the supernatural. Einstein was there, and so are you if you join in on the fun of awakening to who you are

That is why I know you are here, with me my friend. Because you have sensed this you’re your whole life. And it is happening everywhere…It is not new age….It is not some new fad..You can feel that..You are not alone, really…( Why else would such a poor book like the Da Vinci code be so popular? 😉 we are living in exciting times, unlike ANY other time in history. People are becoming conscious, where for thousands of years we were unconscious, and unconcious to our unconsciousness

People know the truth, where for thousands of years we were so easily kept in the dark.

And controlled through fear, and experiencing trauma, directly or indirectly.

And controlled through your own trauma, and pain, and suffering in your own life and in the past

Realize the full weight, of how unbelievably important information has been, right now in history! We are discovering the truth, that reality is stranger than fiction, that marvelous and imaginative things, that we thought were fantasy, are actually real! That the more one looks at it, the more the unbelievable wonder of the whole thing seeps in! If you don’t agree, my my my, am I going to rock your paradigms if you are interested! We are the most informed, educated and intelligent beings in any time of the history of man ! For the first time, we can move forward into a new dimension of omni-possibility, free from all the restrictions and fear and worry and terror of the past ! The evidence is there to back up these statements. You can discover some of it on redicecreations, studies of remote viewing, mind power, psychic phenomena and so on

They are arrogant and that is their weakness. This is their downfall. For they have underestimated the indomitable, the unrelenting, the magnificent force which is the indestructible spirit of mankind and man. It will prevail for all eternity, for it is truly a thing of such wonderful beauty and glory, words will never describe it. One can only describe it as “The greatest beauty and wonder and joy one feels in the depths of his soul”

It is literally experiencing a miniscule fraction of your god-self or immortal-self, even through the filtering web of lies, deception and pain; we can still experience the sublime bliss of this joy

And this is just the beginning my friend. The shackles come free. There is no stopping us now. You cannot comprehend the joy that awaits us be-ing our authentic godselves……….

-I am that I am