What is the most powerful, revolutionary, miraculously effective way of overcoming and going beyond the perceived ‘evils’ and ‘evil men’ of the world?


An age old question with seemingly great relevance to today, as many who research into the ways of the world discover, that we seem to be on the edge of destruction and disaster with what has been coined by George Bush Snr and others, as the ‘new world order’, ‘globalization’ or whatever you want to name it. It is, a nightmarish creation of the enslavement of humanity for total greed and power, which is only a reflection of insane and psychotic egoic delusion, disconnected from sanity and the natural order of things. Two documentaries that I would highly recommend to uncover this plot is ‘Terrorstorm’ and ‘Endgame’, both by Alex Jones, available for free on google video. (There are many other sources that you cover various aspects of this scheme and I will list in the post ‘Favourite Truth Resources’)

When one uncovers the full shocking vista of the true scope and depth of this web of illusion and deception, on the surface it may seem to grandiose, intricate and masterful to defeat, or even affect

However, a great series of insights have been coming to us here at onenessreality recently, as major pieces of this intricate puzzle start to take shape and form in our being

Many thanks to some great spiritual teachers, including Eckhart Tolle, David Wilcock from http://www.divinecosmos.com, the authors of a course in miracles, conversations with god and many others too numerous to count

The vision of this puzzle that is taking form is this, a truly effective and liberating means of healing and transcending the major ills of the world today. This is nothing new at all, it is just that we have seen age old wisdom that permeates all major philosophies and religions, combined with science to bring about a new comprehension of what works

And this brings us to what it is. It is coined beautifully in a scene from an interesting and entertaining movie called ‘Shooter’. In this scene one of the conspirators is talking about why the conspiracy had been setup in the first place, and when explaining the motivations of the conspirators of the military industrial complex, he says “You cant destroy human weakness with guns”

And so it is true in life, even though we may face seemingly great physical danger and threat, it would seem that going after what is essentially human weakness and delusion with guns, would only strengthen the delusion and psychosis of those conspirators involved in their ridiculous and insane plan.

For the source of all these delusional and psychotic plans not only threaten our species, but quite possibly threaten the survival of the earth itself, a marvelous being alive with consciousness and complexity, as we are.

And in identifying the source, so we have uncovered the cunningly shrouded ‘energy’ source that powers this ‘death star’ of the new world order system, a web of brainwashing so intricate and masterful it boggles the mind and one cant help but be amazed by the complexity and intricacy of it all. From educating others to its reality, to knowing the full picture yourself, to its affect on the seemingly most trivial matters, this web of control and manipulation seems to be woven into the fabric of nearly everything, especially most heavily in us!


This source of all this mass psychotic activity is not just part of the so called ‘perpetrators’, but is amongst all of us. It is the ego, it is the thinking mind, it is the source of all genocide and suffering. If you deny this your egoistic manifestations are exactly the same that have perpetrated such terrible deeds, as the perpetrators were ‘normal’ people; teachers, tradesmen, farmers and all professions, awash in the collective insanity of the ego

We see this uncomfortable truth when we see the bloody collective history of the last 100 years, where we have slain and butchered near 200 million of our kin, for mainly pointless and absurd reasoning.

It is safe to say that in the last 100 years, we have explored and peaked not only technological development, but butchery of our fellow man, the heights of egoistic delusion and disconnection from our spiritual and natural roots.

But then you see that it took a good fifteen years at brainwashing academy ( school ), thousands of hours of television, pop media, culture, chemicals in the food, water and air, cultural programming, image training ( conditioning you to fear and respect images over humans ) and many other almost non-stop attacks to bring about this conditioning and mass zombifying. Then you see that we should have compassion for ourselves and wonder at the fact that many of us are still awakening!

It might be a point of resistance for many, but unfortunately this violent and bloodthirsty behavior seems to be the norm, and the not the exception throughout history. And we should be cautious and aware of this fact and clear and present danger, when the technology of deception and control has been so much honed and refined. So much so that the entire extinction of humanity and all life on earth is a possibility!

What the most liberating and accurate way of identifying the the ego?

The ego is that part of ourselves which was developed as defense mechanism when we experienced ‘I am not enough’ or that disconnect of ‘me’ and ‘you’. It has many sources, from the downloading of mindset paradigms from our parents, to a shield of the collective trauma and torture our ancestors and arguably we ( past lives ) have suffered. It is also said that its predominant role is to hide the truth of our divine and magnificent beingness and oneness, which I agree is the most logical purpose of the ego’s role.


Whatever its source or sources, its behaviors are predictable and apparent. Complete resistance of life and what is ( manifested as the present moment NOW ), attachment to things which control and weaken you, creation of suffering, destroying what is good and destroying lives. Yes, it is a noble character, and whenever people commit suicide or perpetrate horrible acts, it is the doing of their ego, not them.

A full understanding of the ego and its manifestations is a longer explanation than this topic allows, but Eckhart Tolle does what seems to be the best job in exploring the full power of the now, and explaining what we are not ( ego and its manifestations ) through his book and audio book ‘A New Earth’ and the ‘Power of Now’

To summarize the ego is the thinking mind, whenever we are not present to the moment and the sacred now. If we are living in the past, or in the future, we are disconnected to life, the natural energy of life and go into a waking dream world of our own making. We are more predictable than zombies ( who dont have the burden of minds! ) and act robotically and unnaturally. We are running on a mouse wheel of unattainable happiness, seeking and wanting.

And this is the source of the men and women who plot such an unnatural order of slavery and control. Already wealthy beyond measure, they desire complete control and wealth, as if this would somehow give them happiness. I find it difficult to understand at all for the end goal is so opposite to common sense and rationality it boggles the mind, and the only explanation being it part of the divine game.

Knowing this, we can know kill two birds with one stone. We can meditate on oneness and merge and ascend into this being, as well as spread this knowing amongst the egoic mind of the dark agenda. Even in the darkest room it only takes a very faint candle light, to banish the shadows and bring a joyful, serene power and presence into the energy of the place.

For nothing carries the greatest joy, the highest, most loving and powerful energy, than the blissful truth of oneness of all things. Could universal creator be any more generous, loving, forgiving and sharing than that? And we have faith and knowing of universal creator to BE most generous, loving, forgiving and sharing, WE are rewarded with the gift of this glorious realization


And when even the darkest shadow has a glimpse of this light, it cannot be transformed the power of this beaming light, and neither can it resist its irresistible force. For the truth IS that oneness is the source energy of ALL creation, all beings and all things, and the shadows are simply but a small part in the divine game that the nameless wonder and mystery.

It carries the highest frequency and vibration, and so it has a most miraculous transformational and regenerating effect on the soul and the being, as it permeates all aspects of life, flowering into a multi coloured blossom of intricate beauty. Miracles will be experienced, changes will occur, and the old structures and barriers wither away. It is this unstoppable, and once the realization is made, a great and glorious milestone has been achieved in the soul journey. Many unconscious in life and afterlife then fall away

How can we most miraculously apply oneness?

If we take the rational assumption that the control and deception is primarily psychic and mental, we can then come to the realization that the energy of this control is psychic and mental, steeped in etheric and mental energies, including the tools to manipulate minds and consciousnesses. Much of the means of this control is steeped in occultism, magick, sacred geometry, code, secret societies and black spiritualism. This is not debatable and is clearly apparent to all but the most blind. Freemasons are the largest secret society on the planet, steeped in ancient and magickal ritualism. ( this by the way exposes the total hypocrisy of the ‘newtonian’ ‘what I see is real only’ mentality of science in culture today )

And so we use their weapons against them, meditating and being a beacon of oneness at their sacred sites of worship, using their sacred geometry, code, secret societies and other tools against them. Many of these sacred sites and sacred geometry and energy attracting points and centers, being channeled into a magick ritual of some kind ( usually for the black use ) so we use them as transmitting points for our oneness knowing and being. It does not matter whether it is the head church in your area, masonic hall, business centre or other obvious power center, meditating and transmitting oneness not only greatly affects you, but very greatly affects others, as proven by the statistics on the effects of group meditation on the crime rate ( http://www.divinecosmos.com and Rand Corporation )

I have been practicing this being at what seems to be the perfect location here locally. The base of a major catholic church operation. Considering that a great source of the military industrial complex seems to be the Vatican and the Jesuits ( Vatican Assassins documentary on google video ) not only is this a powerful transformational energy beaming into the organization that quite possibly committed the worst acts of torture in history, but officially is the richest and one of the most influential. This would also explain the spiritual source of much of the problems today, as it is quite possible the seduction of black magick engulfed the high ranks of the Vatican many centuries ago, explaining many of the atrocities performed and behavior displayed.


Go out today or tonight to one of these power centres, and spread the oneness of your being, through your knowing, or your presence. I think you will find amazing power and results from the great energy flowing to you to assist you, as well as the great energy of the sacred geometry or positioning of the gardens. Look out for pyramids, and especially large pine trees that shape obelisks and pyramids, proven energy shapes.
( http://www.divinecosmos.com )

In summary, here is a potential means, of going way beyond not only the challenges we face personally, but mutually as a species. In the next post, we will be exploring the very exciting topic, ‘What is the most effortless, enjoyable and natural way of being and living our oneness infinite magnificence?!’

Oneness Become You

Infinitus Immortallis