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Here are some of the most powerful technologies and information I have come across. Enjoy

An excellent website with tons of great posts, info and experts on alternative cure oriented therapies

A professionally integrated site reviewing all the best alternative therapies for cancer and other serious diseases. Very interesting and quite professionally backed up by evidence

Other therapies you should look into:- Ozone therapy, oxygenating your body, Bob Beck Protocol, Hulda Clark Zapper and liver cleanse, distilled water, colloidal silver, eating alkaline foods, colon cleansing and just basic common sense!

Also you will definitely want to check out what may be the greatest health tool – EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) http://www.emofree.com or search ‘EFT’ on video.google.com

Here are some great videos for you to watch:

Bob Beck Protocol

Disease Can’t Live in Oxygen

Amazing Universal Healing Aid – by Gary Craig founder of EFT

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