What is the most powerful, results generating question to ask to give us the greatest free green energy solutions we can use right now?

What are the most easy to apply, affordable, simple to use or develop green energy/free energy solutions immediately available to us?

Firstly, to see a review by Pure Energy Systems congress of the top 100 most promising technologies, go here http://peswiki.com/index.php/Congress:Top_100_Technologies_–_RD

There is a lot of information out there, with many claims of devices that promise green energy at low cost, or almost free after initial costs. While there are scamsters out there, there is much evidence to show that many machines can be proven to work, and have a basis in science. We are going to outline the best solutions that are easiest and most affordable to use and apply right now.

Solar Panels. What is the easiest and most affordable option?

Whilst there are interests that are keeping solar panel ( SP ) technology expensive, there are innovations already around that make SP an affordable solution. A great solution may be to import them directly from china or manufacturers from sites such as http://www.alibaba.com, as I doubt companies like BP price their solar panels so expensively for no reason. http://www.fuellesspower.com has a product on homemade solar panels, and you may find some good information if you do a search. Whilst making solar panels at home may work, I think the easiest option may be to just do a co-op buy directly from the manufacturer, maybe even making a profit after the government rebate!

Home-made or screen printed SP
Solar panels can be made with a screen printing press and commonly available materials. Commonly used chemicals such as Titanium Oxide have good conductive properties, and are cheap and abundant. Whilst you may need to do some research into how to go about this I have heard examples of a whole house being powered for a few thousand dollars. It may be more practical to just look at affordable solutions from others who have already invented the wheel

Wind Generators. What is the easiest and most affordable option?
Whilst large wind generators are sold for absurd prices, such as $1 million and up for one tower, many low cost affordable solutions in wind power are available. The perfect example is the wind power fans and units available from Motorwave group, with link to website here and video below

Hydrogen and Natural Gas. What is the easiest and most affordable option?

Whilst not finding any commercially available product that supplies hydrogen to the car’s engine onboard, I have found an interesting alternative, being Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) With similar performance to petrol, compressed natural gas can be an even more affordable alternative to LPG. A good site explaining the difference is available here http://www.mycngkit.com

Another solution could be using an affordable hydrogen generator. Electrolysis and new developments have made this process inexpensive and fairly simple, and one could make the hydrogen at night, and fill a tank up for the next day. While the power generated from a car battery does not seem to provide enough power to run a car 100% on hydrogen, there is no reason why a generator plugged in at home could not provide enough hydrogen for a car tank. Keeping in mind that hydrogen has the highest combustion rate, it is easy to see that it is a good idea to run a car totally on hydrogen. It is possible to buy conversion kits for cars, although some research is required.

Magnetic Energy. What is the easiest and most affordable option?

Browsing through sites such as video.google.com and youtube.com, you can see that there are a few operating magnetic motors that seem to run solely on magnets. This is definitely possible, and it does not break any rules of physics whatsoever. Magnetic shielding via tin can be used in the design, as this would allow for the attracting side to be shielded, so the magnets could be exclusively one force. This is a major obstacle, for many magnetic engine have failed because the attracting force would balance out the repelling force

Perendev Motor

Magnetic shielding – the holy grail

Please feel free to add and input good ideas, and most of all, simple and affordable solutions to green energy. I will keep you posted of any developments I come across, and in the mean time you may want to check out some free energy sites such as freeenergynews.com/ http://www.renewableenergyworld.com http://www.pesn.com/ http://www.osen.org/ and http://www.inhabitat.com

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