Hello friends

Its been an amazing few weeks seeing changes in my reality in big ways, probably due to the effectiveness of my sleep programming track and using the quantum power of questions combined

The biggest difference I can see, is that everyday it seems the universe is guiding me towards great opportunities, experiences and events, and drawing my goals and desires every closer to me

I would like to share with you a culmination of my most insightful and strategic realizations, on how you can supercharge EFT and your growth by many levels. I will be using models and metaphors to assist in taking these insights and using them. You will need to follow along with EFT if you want to have the full effect, and you can learn the steps by going to http://www.emofree.com or even better going to video.google.com and searching for EFT, there are tons of good videos there to show you how to do this easy and potent technique

1. Combining 80/20 Pareto’s Principle with EFT

This is one idea that is exceptionally powerful when applied in any area of life, ESPECIALLY when combined with something as life-changing and leveraged as EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ). The idea came from Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that there was a repeatable pattern, of an imbalance across all fields, such as around 20% of people having 80% of the wealth, 20% of customers generating 80% of the profit, and 20% of criminals creating 80% of the crime. In studies he found this applied to almost every area, with amazing implication for all areas.

This also means, that around 10-20% of your beliefs create 80-90% of your problems! Think of your whole reality makeup as a pyramid, and the core beliefs right at the peak either creating all the bliss, or all the pain. Why focus on those 80% beliefs that create 20% effect, when we can get right to the core of the issue!

OK, so how do I identify the core 10% or 20% beliefs?

From what I can see it seems that the core 10%-20% of beliefs, are the direct ‘realities’ you perceive in the main areas of life, and what you perceive as real. A fantastic excercise you may find great benefit from, is what I call the “Reality is… worksheet”. You write out the following and answer the questions out loud, and go through while tapping.

Reality is…..worksheet
Ask yourself the following question:-
What are my core beliefs?
What are the 1% of beliefs that create 99% of effect in my life?
What are the 1% of beliefs that create 99% of the problems?
What are the 1% that create 99% of the pleasure?
What are the core 10% that makeup my reality?
What are the core 20%?
If there was one main perception creating most of the problems it would be….?

Reality is….
Life is……
My life is…
I am….
Women are…
Men are….
My friends are in general….
People are….
My environment is…
My purpose is….
My identity is…
My values are…
My competencies are…
My behavior is….
People in general are _____ to me
Life is generally______ to me
Money is _______ to make
I expect ______ things in general
God is____for me

The shining apex beacon of light! The next quantum leap of evolution with EFT is here with the following. I will be writing another post on this one idea because it is literally glowing with radioactive energy at the moment hehe!

Think of what is the underlying, foundational perception of your existence?

Your relationship with the universe/creator/god
Do I expect/feel in each moment that I am supported, or do I feel like I am being sabotaged?
and the big one

From the lifelong zen monk, to the ego maniacal banker tycoon, we all seem to be hard-wired almost to be moving towards pleasure and away from pain

Our rules for what makes us feel this pleasure, and move away from pain are different, however this is a theme that runs through the behavior and focus of every man and woman. And so it would make sense that how easy/hard it is for us to succeed in meeting our rules, and creating what gives us pleasure/away from pain would play a big part!

There is not really anything more global and empowering to focus on, then on our spiritual global perceptions of reality. Many people in society feel an uneasy sense of the world ‘being against’ them, almost if they have to keep the forces of destruction at bay by constantly worrying and ‘keeping on top of things’. They have been brainwashed with a destructive and dis-empowering sense of ‘life is hard’

Spiritual peace, and presence of being, which many attribute to an enlightened state of being, is an experience of a trust, a solid knowing, in the perfection, divinity or goodness of the universe. It seems to be a knowing in the statement “life is perfect /effortless /divinely ordered” The ultimate act of this trust it seems is to be empty of thought, in a state of enjoyment of the moment

The opposite of this state seems to be overwhelmed by worry and anxiety, which seems to be an experience and belief in that the universe is chaotic and even aggressive, and is your enemy that needs to be conquered, battled or defended against. Many feel this way, and I think this is a part of the reason in the increase in depression, escapism and other social problems

My question to you is:

How different would you act, be, and feel, if you knew with total certainty, that you were guided and fully supported by the universe?

Can you see how such a massive global perception all of a sudden makes wiping out all the little ‘trees in the forest’ obsolete? From my own experience,  have felt that if I did not address the water source of these trees, that they would seem to regrow pretty quickly. If you target the water source to your negativity ( the global perceptions ) you can cover a whole lot of these tail-enders very effectively, and here is the beaut part:

When you identify the global tail-enders, you can bring about the same effect but for the opposite positive side, with a reframe!

So to get started on shifting your Apex of reality, you may ask yourself the following questions while tapping:

Apex Spiritual Reality tapping

The creator has rejected me because….
I am separate from the creator because…
I am separate from the universe because..
I am hated by the creator/universe because…
I am a sinner/condemned because…
The universe/creator is against me because…

And then you can do the following as well
I love myself because…
I hate myself because…
I cannot accept myself because…

I am loved by other because…
I am hated by others because..

I am safe because…
I am unsafe because…

and when you identify big tail-ender, make sure to reframe with a positive, for example:

I am separate from the universe because I feel separate and weak…tap it out and tap in
I am one with the universe and I belong, because I feel the unity, and I feel strong in who I am

And if you do one thing, tap on the following:

I create what I desire easily
Its hard to create what I desire

This could be the most important thing you could ever tap on. Enjoy!