Wow! I cannot describe in words how powerful the following technique can be. The power lies in using the tremendous power of questions, rather than affirmations, directed at guiding and programming the deepest parts of our being and our subconscious mind.

Here I have copied and pasted the following posts from my favourite forum on which I highly recommend! If you do not utilize this technique, at least use the power of questions to transform your life.

1. Questions:-

Let me break this down for people as to why questions are so powerful. This is not my opinion but from NLP experts and basic research into how the brain works. You can read more about it from Rex Sikes’ NLP course

1) Every thought you have is an answer to a question. Therefore the brain and mind IS directionalized by questions, and moves in a certain direction depending on the questions asked

2) A question presupposes what you are asking and assumes what you are asking is true. If I ask myself, “why is it becoming so easy and fun to exercise and choose to be healthy?” I am assuming and presuming to my mind and being that this is already true. This is more powerful than an affirmation and Rex Sikes estimates questions can be up to 400X more powerful!

3) Questions are powerful simulators of useful answers. Where an affirmation may be affirming something you desire, a question generates lots of new ideas, solutions and concepts that can help move you in the new direction, more easily and enjoyably and quickly

4) Moving into a new direction. Questions force your mind to focus on the new direction, and can circumvent tail-enders because of the powerful assumption and presumptions built-in, which in my cases bypasses the conscious mind!

5) Questions can be fun and exciting. Because you are generating answers and solutions, questions can be the perfect tool to move into the new reality immediately, rather than wait for the affirmation to start making changes

6) Questions force you to be more strategic. Whilst many are too ‘tactical’ and function on autopilot, taking a roundabout or even painful and difficult path to getting what they desire, questions immediately put you into a more ‘global’ birds eye view POV where you can identify a much more enjoyable, easier and joyful path!

7) Questions can accelerate the ‘Rampage of References’. Every belief and knowing in our minds is supported by reasoning and references as to why it is real, so why not use the power of references to reinforce emotionally and logically why our afformation or new reality statement is not only true, but absolutely positively true. To use this for example, you ask ” Why is it so easy and fun for me to choose to be healthy and to exercise, with the fun program i am on, with the delicious organic food i enjoy, with the play i have? ”
“Isn’t it amazing how abundant and prosperous I am, now that I am choosing to do my highest excitements, to appreciate what I have, to choose fun and joy each day, to have this miraculous healing tool?”

To make this easier I would identify strong key references to reinforce this new reality and use one core reference each time the question is asked. For example if it is money and abundance:-

“Isnt it so thrilling to be so abundant and wealthy, now that I ( choose one )
-choose to live my highest excitement and passion each day
-have this miraculous tool to create whatever i desire
-allow the flow of abundance to come to me
-give and share massive value to others with no expectation

Cool Questions powerfully shift you state and being. When you state an affirmation ” I choose to be healthy and to enjoy excercise” tail-enders can pop up, and create a negative or conflicing state.

9) Solutions powerfully focus us on solutions! In studies and research of the richest and happiest members of society, it was found the CORE difference with those individuals and in many cases the only difference, was that they focus on what they DESIRE and HOW TO GET IT most of the time! That is it! I have experienced that questions powerfully focus us onto solutions, and solutions seem to energize us quite effectively, and give us momentum

10) Questions give you more momentum. Whilst an affirmation can surface tail-enders and simply affirm a new reality, you will find that the affirmation will allow solutions to surface. With questions we are flushing out effective solutions more effectively, which in turn spurs us into getting excited about taking action, and building momentum to create our desires and dreams. Even if it is a small thing, a question can create some momentum which is better than starting from still.

If in doubt I can tell you that I have used questions in the past, and was noticing big changes in a matter of a few days. I have believe questions played a part in manifesting a real estate deal where I made over $50,000. I am even more excited this time around to incorporate them into EFT!! Woo hoo!

How else can you use questions very powerfully?
I would experiment with creating an afformation (question) sleep track, that you could listen to when going to sleep. If you add a consciousness altering music track this can assist the integration better. It is my researched opinion that questions would be the most effective means of bypassing conscious resistance and inserting new reality statements and possibilities into the mind. I have done a TON of research and I am happy to share my secrets and insights into sleep programming, which is a very easy and yet powerful tool for massive transformation

Have fun


2. Sleep Programming



Sleep programming is the use of recorded affirmations and statements, usually with background music, designed to powerfully and effectively program the subconscious mind and reality state towards a positive direction. An updated tool in boosting its effectiveness is the use of questions, which multiply the effectiveness many times over ( see previous post ) Various tools and methods can be used to increase the effectiveness of the whole. My personal experiences have been almost surreal changes in the area I was programming in, and manifesting synchronistic events that corresponded with my new reality

Note: I refer to ‘question affirmations’ ‘questions’ or ‘afformations’ this all means affirmations stated as questions. I describe why this is so powerful in another post you can find under my nick

Overall Strategy/ Concepts to use

-In using powerful tools we can refer to the force multiplier effect, using overwhelming force to deeply and powerfully program our mind and reality to a new state

-Quality Questions. Asking powerful questions about questions to stimulate highly strategic and effective solutions to our goals.

e.g. What are very powerful, effective and deeply transformative questions to ask, to create great positive transformation, change and magnetizing our desires and dreams towards us?

How can we make sleepprogramming extremely effective and profoundly trans-formative?
What are some of the most effective, powerful tools we can add to the process?
How can we state the questions in a powerful, deep effective way?
What NLP or other therapies would create great effect?
How can we craft our questions to most deeply and powerfully shift the mind into a positive state?

How to do
Write out a Question/Afformation script, covering the area you want to transform. It is preferably a goal or dream that you strongly desire, as this will build motivation and momentum for programming with questions throughout the day and move you to do the inner work. Once you have written the script, record onto your computer, using the many different audio recorder programs available. It is best to record in mp3 or other compressed audio format. I use Sound Forge by Sony, to record my affirmations, and to mix them in with my background music. I recommend an mp3 player so that you can listen to your track as you are going to sleep at night. Get hold of some small earbud headphones, so you can listen to your track especially if it has a mind altering track with brain wave entrainment

1) Tap into the ‘knowing state’
When recording the question, use the phrase “I exist” within your questions. We desire to tap into the submodalities and feelings of certainty and knowing, as this will already help the knowing feeling we receive when we state our question. Use things you ‘know’ to be true, which affirm your being and create this knowing state throughout the affirmation

2) Use descriptive, emotional and programming language
We are communicating to our subconscious, so it helps to use powerful metaphors, metaphors of nature such as the ocean, a mountain, wind, etc. Symbols and dreams are the language of our SC mind, so use them in your script, especially symbols, images and language that stimulates a powerful emotional response within you

3) Record the track in an altered state
When recording questions and afformations, it is important to speak in a monotone, boring and flat voice. This allows you to fall asleep, as you may find it difficult to sleep if you hear emotional peaks and valleys in your voice. Even so, emotion can have a powerful effect in shifting the belief, so experiment with both techniques, both a flat voice and a vibrant, emotional voice. The important thing to do is to to listen to some very relaxing music or audio, to put the mind into that altered meditative state that assists in recording the script

4) Focus only on what you desire. The universe gives you what you put out, with the law of attraction, hence it is a good idea to focus only on what you desire, and not to attract what we do not desire. Focusing on energizing our desires, and matching our vibrations with that, is a big key to creating joy rather than frustration. Another important tool in abundance is a good positive reality around our ability to create.

5) Create blissful states of gratitude and abundance. A good way to start your question affirmation is: “How blissful, ecstatic and joyous can it be that I exist, and that I create abudance, wealth and riches flowing to me now!” Notice how we ask a question presupposing a very high and joyous state of bliss and gratitude, which creates a powerful vibration and command

6) Listen to it every night. This allows it to sink in deeply and is easy to do. Use your track also if you can when you are meditating.

7) Put your affirmation questions into a ‘mind movie’. Google or youtube ‘mind movies’ and see a wonderful example of using technology to manifest our desires and dreams. It is an inspiring video made on your desires and dreams, with an uplifting background song and lots of positive photos. You will create unstoppable power and results if you combine mind movies with your sleep track! Especially when instead of affirmations, you use question affirmations in your mind movie!

8) Use a multiplier e.g. This is a secret weapon that will annihilate obstacles in your path, that combined with the already powerful affirmations, creates ridiculously powerful results! Repeat this statement, clearly and powerfully, at least 10 times or more before repeating the affirmations. This accelerator will get your unconscious to more readily and powerfully accept the commands.

“How joyous, blissful and ecstatic can it get, now that your mind will keep these commands in your memory permanently
and all the time, and make everything necessary for them to happen in the best and most powerful ways. How much joy can you feel, now that you are accepting these commands in the deepest and most powerful ways, as having listened to them 100,000 times.”

“How blissful can it be now that you have accepted these commands in the deepest and most powerful
ways! 3 times
Followed by this affirmation, stated clearly and powerfully; ” How joyous am I now that these
commands be fulfilled. And so shall it be!” 3 times.

You can also input commands to allow for a better refreshing sleep, which can be helpful when you are creating deep changes in your subconscious!
Bonus Ideas

9) Get subliminal software. Use the question affirmation in your subliminal software so you are getting the messages flashed on your screen consistently. This can help reinforce the desires and dreams. REmember to do the commands in question affirmation form!

10) Combine EFT with your sleep track. You can greatly assist the process, if everyday you use the Palace of Possibilities technique ( more info on ) to flush out tailenders and blocks, and affirm the positives. You may use TAT, BSFF or other techniques to assist the releasing. I like to use SET simple energy techniques being one handed tapping for speed and consistency.

11) And some advice that is very important. FOLLOW YOUR HIGHEST JOY AND EXCITEMENT EACH AND EVERY DAY. This is one major thing you can do to supercharge abudance, joy and step into the vibrational state of happiness, that will allow the abudance of the universe to flow through you. Surely it is clear today that being unhappy is detrimental to wealth, wellbeing and happiness, so why do anything that is not the highest joy, abudance and excitement?

Have Fun


3. Mind Movies
By creating a movie with inspiring music, photos or video, you can use the power of an emotion driving video to inspire and release your creative powers to summon them forth. Check out as an example, or check out ‘mind movies’ on or