Hello friends

I have been overwhelmed with joy and excitement at what has felt like the breath of the universe blowing her divine wisdoms and insights into my reality, animating it with a sense of childlike aliveness and wonderment at the beauty of the world once again

In passionately contemplating such powerful ideas and concepts over many months now, I have felt like they have been compounding in their transformative power and vibration for the highest benefit of myself and others.

All the various transformative techniques I have been using have been tuning my being into the reality of unlimited love, bliss and joy more strongly each and every day, and I am seeing how profoundly simple all elements fit with our lives

My ‘playground’ so to speak has been masterminding with close friends, and moving closer to joyous abundance and bliss in all areas of life, and creating solutions for the various challenges that seem to be here. I have been using EFT, sleep programming, NLP, subliminal software and powerful metaphysical teachings, as well as strategic principles to look at the most holistic and ‘global’ solutions for not only common-place areas like love, wealth and success, but also spiritual, environmental and social solutions for the challenges we face

I will describe the following realizations as simply and clearly as I can

The solution is joy and bliss

As we can see with the various challenges and adventures we are facing spiritually, socially, environmentally and physically, at this stage of our evolution, we are in need of great changes. The old world model based on exploitation for the benefit of greed and control, as well as life based on struggle, hardship and difficulty, has not yielded a very good crop. Not only is our mother earth facing great disrespect and disdain, we are facing a spiritual crying out, as misery, unease and unhappiness pervade our modern society

In creating a world and a reality based on unconditional love, living our highest bliss and joy moment by moment, living for our community and each other through expressing our highest adventure and happiness in each moment, we are expressing ourselves as a ‘beacon of light’ and joy for others, as we allow others a ‘permission slip’ through us to live their highest joy. Through living our highest joy and bliss in each moment, the following massive benefits are available to us:

-We reflect a trust and faith in the universe that we are supported in our highest joy and bliss
-We reflect a universe of unconditional love and highest joy and support
-We align with our destiny and our purpose and why we are here
-We are full of enthusiasm, passion, excitement and happiness with what we are doing!
-We become like children again and see the world with adventure and magic
-We are most likely to have power and effect in the world as we create with love, because we are ‘tuning’ into an effortlessly abundant reality
-We enjoy each moment thoroughly and go beyond always ‘striving’ to be somewhere else, as well as the “I am not enough” unease
-Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional benefits galore! I cannot find an area where living your highest joy and bliss does not benefit! We are aligning in essence with the true essence of heaven and the fabric of the universe

An effortless way to live your highest bliss and joy

A wondrously effective and effortless way to live your highest bliss and joy each day is to become totally clear on all the amazing benefits and pleasurable advantages of doing so, and become clear about the pain that comes from living from.
“I am not enough”
“My highest joy is not my most productive focus”
“My highest joy is not where I can make the most money”
“I will be happy and satisfied when I accomplish X, Y and Z”
“I am not supported by the universe, or I cant live my highest joy and bliss now because of X, Y and Z”

As a very clear and obvious example, I will explain one of my highest joys and show you the link between living your highest joy and bliss and your highest productivity and success!

I love using, discovering and researching transformational techniques and solutions, and creating marvelous results in my reality. I also enjoy the exciting idea of creating harmonious, loving communities based on living our highest joy and love of each other and of nature. Now in sharing these ideas and technologies, not only am I creating massive transformation and joy for my own life, but I am also creating powerful solutions to the environmental, spiritual, social and freedom challenges and adventures we are facing today. In alternative housing, free energy, and remedy to the challenges through transforming our reality. You can see by living my highest joy I am of the greatest service to mankind, and hence, have the greatest results and good energies flowing my way. Forget about this whole self-sacrificing idea of charity,  the universe is truly a win-win-win!

Be blissful, ecstatic, joyful and totally satisfied right now!

We seem to think sometimes that in order to be blissful, ecstatic and totally satisfied we need to accomplish A, B, C and D! And then after we accomplish whats next, E, F, G and H! Obviously this system is not working, and these self-created ideas are making us miserable and unhappy! I heard an amazing quote today as follows “It is not until you realize your own self-worth and realize that what you desire is already within you, that you will be kept away from what you desire until you ‘get it.”

How about being this way? Instead of vibrating unhappiness and ‘not having’ in order to somehow motivate ourselves in order to have ‘things’ that will be permission slips to feel what we already have within us as a state of being, we vibrate:

I am totally ecstatic, blissful, joyous and satisfied, because I exist, AND if i like something, then I choose it and receive it from a place of gratitude and happiness regardless!

Now because we have something called the RAS ( reticular activation system ) that filters the information of the world according to what we perceive to be real, we will now start to see all the reasons as to why we are ecstatic, blissful, joyous and satisfied! What are the reasons? All the things that you like of course flowing to you effortlessly, the same things that were a struggle to receive before !

Our RAS shows that with the way we filter our reality, and literally see what we perceive, that if we would like to experience the most effortlessly abundant, magical, joyous and adventurous reality for ourselves, it helps a lot if we are perceiving this to be our reality! Can you see how a reality based on “struggle” “life is hard” “I got to pay the bills” is oppossing this joyous new reality, as well as not being too enjoyable as well. We can see where “life is hard” and struggling has got us too, lots of depression, prozac, wars and other challenges

Allowing and accepting and Surrender to what is

If excessive worry, fear and anxiety is a reflection of a belief that the universe is unsafe and dangerous, then allowing what is, accepting and peace through presence in the moment is a reflection of the knowing in the truth that the universe is perfect as it is. Ask yourself, “How would I behave if I knew with total certainty and knowing the universe is perfect and safe and unconditionally loving and abundant, and that I am perfect?” and you will start to feel some of the feelings of total trust and faith in the overwhelming goodness and abundance of life. Instead of worry and anxiety, it is likely that you would be greatly unnattached from ‘striving’, ‘pursuing’ and feeling like you have to ‘keep the forces at bay’. It is likely you would enjoy each moment, live your adventure and excitement, and be in a state of ease in receiving the abundance. In looking at our core realities around our ‘metabeliefs’ such as our beliefs about beliefs, beliefs about the universe and ourselves and other foundations of our reality, will go a long way into aligning with the abundance and support of the universe. At the same time it seems more are tuning into the reality that ‘everyone is working out for the best” on a global scale.

Do I trust/mistrust the universe?
The universe___________________me in these ways?
I am not enough because?
I am not deserving because?
I am not loved because?
I am not accepted because?
I always have to be in control because?
If I let go completely, the worst thing that can happen is?
If I let go completely and totally trust the universe, I am afraid ___________will happen?
My negative thoughts, beliefs affect me because_______________?
What do I need to do, to achieve the highest outcome?
What do I need to do, to receive what I like?
I am generally supported, unsupported each day?
I am happy/unhappy because?
I cant effortlessly receive what I like because?
My self-worth is not complete and abundant because?
I need external permission slips to allow me to be a certain way because?
I need permission slips to tune into the reality of my choice because?
I cant effortlessly create and choose the reality I like because?
I need to improve/ and fix the world because?
What is stopping me from being totally happy, blissful, and satisfied in every moment, regardless of what is happening?

So there it is. Have fun, play with these ideas and insights, and I am certain you will start to experience miracles and very pleasant suprises day by day. I will be starting another post soon to brainstorm and play with the idea of community creation and immediate solutions to doing so, however the most important steps have been outlined here, as heaven is right we are standing now.

Have fun!