*Important note: This workshop is being held to cover costs and make it as accessible as possible to everyone. We really are doing our best to help you and all the members of the Australian community, so that we may be free and live a happy and joyous life in harmony with each other. We make a commitment to you, that we are here to help in the greatest ways we can, and in doing so, we ask that you provide us a small token of support in one way or another, as well as your commitment to solutions. The fundamental truth is that we all win by helping each other, and standing as a community, so much infinitely more than any selfish interests could ever do! If you are in a desperate financial situation, whatever your situation please contact us so that we may work something out so that you can attend, so that we can create positive change for the benefit of all. Please accept our heartfelt sincerity in helping you, in the understanding that we all need to support each other and do our best to be of greatest service and assistance to our fellow man. Thanks *

Dear Friends

I would like to introduce you to Mark Pytellek, a free man on the land, passionately working full-time for our precious rights and freedoms every day, by helping everyday Australians with addressing issues, in many cases for no financial reward or outside support. I would also like to introduce Peter Duff, who lets his biography speak for himself.

What we appear to be seeing in this country and elsewhere, is erosion of our traditional rights and liberties, and in 1985, whilst completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Mark first saw evidence of some of this erosion. Through the integrated system of corruption and self-serving agenda’s we see through academia and elsewhere, this lead Mark onto a quest for answers and solutions. He then became the leading agent and speaker for Investor International in 2000, and for over 2 years had been educating many men and women on Asset Protection, Privacy, Tax Minimization and Wealth Creation.

Studying under the best researchers and thinkers in Australia including Steve Lamb and Richard Garneau, and with assistance from friends in the legal profession, Mark has had great success closing presentments, with over 500 letters written using contract and common law combinations. Mark continues to research Admiralty law, Contract law and the Honour and Dishonour system, working on over 50 Notarial protests and solving various law problems and attacks for many individuals.

Mark has been told his time is valued at $1,500 an hour,
You can access his experience for two days for only a modest donation

What makes Mark different to most, is that I have not met anyone with Mark’s level of experience, commitment to helping others in need, and success that only comes from having the guts to do plenty of in-the-field action. He takes the most powerful and devastating self preserving, problem-solving law information, and applies it like no other!

In 2006 he commenced the Honour Dishonour, ‘Know who you are’ workshops in three Australian states and is still today conducting full weekend workshops to spread a message of freedom, sovereignty, love thy neighbour and community spirit, thereby empowering people to take personal responsibility for their affairs and effectively deal with many common issues and presentments at all levels.

So if you want to have a zero tax obligation this year, have access to the country’s most effective and street-tested lawful and commercial strategies and solutions, and live like a free, sovereign and empowered man or woman, book your place immediately.

– What: 2 Day Freedom and Sovereignty Workshop with Mark Pytellek and Peter Duff. DVD and community membership and support. $250 suggested donation
– When: Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd August 2008.
8: 30 introduction, for 9am sharp start to 5.00pm

– Where: GoodEarth Hotel, 195 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Land of Western Australia


Satisfaction is assured or you get your donation back

An outline of some of the benefits and solutions from attending this two day freedom intensive:

· How to effortlessly transform your mind-set to think like a free man or woman on the land, not a slave or vassal of the state

· How to have a ZERO TAX OBLIGATION, legally!

· How to act out of Love vs. Fear in your dealings, the motivators and their source

· Who attempts to enslave most of the world’s population, without their knowledge or willful consent, and why

· How to break the presumption of being a slave, debtor, fictional entity or straw man, in court and elsewhere

· How to use the deadly double-edged sword and power of the spoken word, “law” and “statutes” against those who would do you harm

· Membership, access and online support from our exclusive freedom community

· The top-secret, closely guarded, hidden knowledge of private vs. public

· Hierarchy of Authority and hierarchy of laws, and knowing how to use them

· How to deal with any and all issues, obligations or presentments privately, with 100% success!

· The amazing power of the Notaries protest, and the Administrative Private Resolution Process.

· Real life examples and case studies including: Debt, Tax, Rates, Debt Collectors, State Penalties, Police, Legal Firms, Courts, Government Departments or people, ASIC/ACCC/ASIO, private people, companies etc

· How to move toward freedom and sovereignty out of the system ( in this world not of the world) to the private world, with innovative, bulletproof asset protection

· The four categories of people, and how to have Free Man on the land status

· Solutions templates, including cutting edge mindset, spiritual and lifestyle solutions

For more information on Peter Duff’s biography and talk outline, please see attached information.

You can access this life-changing experience ( valued normally at thousands of dollars ) by the two dynamic men for two days for only a $250 donation”

The information provided by any providers or speakers is purely for private, informational purposes only, in the understanding that any participants attending or using the information are mature adults acting with total responsibility, at their own risk and private responsibility. All attendance is strictly in the private, with full responsibility and liability on those attempting harm

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