The world financial system is crumbling and toppling like a house of cards. We hear about how the leaders of the world are going to save us with their ‘new world’ economic order, which is akin to letting the fox stop the death of the chickens, because he is eating them.

But how many are focusing on REAL solutions. Solutions that work and are the most efficient pathway to align us with the greatest prosperity, security, safety, abundance and joy during precarious or times of great transition.

Everything that is happening in the world is happening within us. We are facing collectively as a species, our own financial collapse of the entire foundation and fabric of the ‘system’ within ourselves, because the old ideas have gone to such extremes of self-destruction, that they are literally dying, both outside of ourselves and within ourselves! The old system to summarize, is PROFIT BY SLAVERY

The entire financial order is designed to profit a small tiny few, not out of profits, but out of a sadistic desire for control. What is the proof of this? The fact that money is not backed by gold or silver, is fiat ( funny money ) and backed by nothing but thin air and promises! It is the ability to have UNLIMITED POWER through the power of printing UNLIMITED MONEY. UNLIMITED MONEY in this world EQUALS UNLIMITED POWER!

So as the creator being we are, we are on some level or multiple levels, creating this negativity in the world, as a reflection of the negativity within us. So all we have to do is let go of needing to energize, create, manifest the negative or that we we would choose AS A PREFERENCE not to experience: Pain, torture, suffering, poverty, enslavement, disempowerment etc.

This is a great time! And what is the most efficient path to create manifest joy, abundance and prosperity during this transition? Choose joy! By aligning with our highest excitement, whatever it is, is the easiest form of integration in a profound statement to yourself, the world, and all that is that


That is it. The universe is perfect because it is perfectly created, and you are part of the perfect creation. You are perfectly supported by the universe in making manifest ANY reality you perceive as real. Remember your last dream? Dreams are reminders that we are not bound by physical limitation or space-time, and I often correct those who question the impossible, when they realize many dreams feel REALER than so-called ‘Reality’, and therefore the RULES of judging “what is real” aka the ‘5 senses’ are very, very, very biased towards whatever you feel is most real, true or obvious!

*****So in essence, if you would like to choose the best path to reinforce and multiply your wealth, your prosperity, your community and your family, it may be very important to step back out of the fray, out of the busyness or bus-i-ness, ( they mean the same thing ) and get in touch of what you are creating! Are you creating the new world order, world war III, or great suffering or depression for the world, your family, or the future? If so, WHY?!****

You see my friend, you can pretend that you are powerless, can be harmed, and are not infinite, but surely you will keep experiencing pain and displeasure at facing your own created limitation without learning from it. Your pain is telling you to let of where you are out of alignment with your joyous natural self! No-one or no-thing can harm you unless you allow it. There is a very good reason why every man and woman on the planet moves away from PAIN and towards PLEASURE! I recommend checking out the story of Dr Len Hew, a practitioner of Ho’oponopono , who just by clearing and cleansing his own parts of him that created violent patients in a mental institution who were diagnosed with the most severe illnesses, without even meeting or talking to any of the ‘patients’! All he did was look at their chart, and release that part of him that was creating the problems in the first place. Amazing.

Why is it that we always resist what is good? It is because we have energetic psychological reversal, or PR for short. Psychological reversal is essentially fear of truth, power and light, and once on a deep level we label or define or feel these things are bad, our whole system shuts down. By living our highest excitement, we can choose and experience what is of the highest feeling vibration as often as possible, and we will come face to face with seeing that our fear of truth, power and the light is what filters our power. Your most negative beliefs are linked to your greatest fears and negative emotions, and by choosing our highest excitement, we are choosing the shortest most efficient path to tuning into the perfection of the universe on all levels, and ‘flushing’ out all those ideas that are out of alignement with that. Everything is energy, so it is just make believe that any energy can have a controlling or negative effect on our experience and reailty, unless we consent on some level to it being so. We always exist, what you put out you get back, One is the all and all is the one, and everything changes except for the first three laws which are constant. These are the greatest gift, and the greatest learning lesson we can see upon our world manifest.

So to summarize, the most efficient way to prosper and be happy during the financial crisis, have fun doing your highest excitement, spreading the greatest value to others and therefore receiving the greatest amount of energy from them ( money ) and create what you desire by getting in touch with your definitions and perceptions of reality.

…….and it doesn’t hurt to buy 20%-30% of your net worth into physical gold or silver. At least put your cash into physical real value assets!