WARNING: THIS IS SO POWERFUL IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. BY DOING THIS HEALING YOU WILL LITERALLY BE FACING YOUR WORST FEARS, AND SHOULD BE UNDERTAKEN ONLY WITH THE FULLEST CERTAINTY AS TO WHETHER YOU ARE READY FOR IT, AS WELL AS SUPERVISION BY A HEALING SPECIALIST, OR A GOOD TRUSTED FRIEND. Remember, you are responsible for yourself, so only you can evaluate whether you are mentally, physically and spiritually fit enough to release your worst fears and integrate them. I say these things to let you know that in releasing and integrating your greatest fears, you may experience a large amount of turmoil as the negativity fights to hold on before it evaporates. The technique involves a very powerful energetic clearing of your fear of facing your greatest fears, repressions, suppressions and core issues and traumas, so be prepared!

Have you ever wondered what the perpetual feelings of unease and anxiety are really about? Just the other day, being out with my friends at a popular bar, I could start to sense these feelings of unease and anxiety surfacing. It was not that those same feelings were not there before, but I had a moment of clarity where I could feel the unease and anxiety within my body

And so I thought to myself, with all the self-healing and growth work I apply for myself, what was at the core of this feeling?

It dawned upon me that is it possible there are repressed, suppressed and deeply buried issues that I was not even consciously aware of? Whether or not from early childhood, or even past lives if this is something that you think is real, I could sense that at the core of the feelings of unease or non-happiness was a sense of being hazy or confused about what my core, deepest issues were. Could the issue of being afraid, nay, terrified of my deepest core issues be a strong belief, being at the foundation of the perpetual anxiety of the ego mind, and therefore, resisting any and all attempts to grow and transform positively, especially so when opportunities for great positive transformation came up.

And so in doing a new powerful transformational technique, I started the release of what felt like years upon years of resistance to reality, to truth, and I felt a profound sense of the very self-biased ‘construct’ of reality melting away, and leaving in its place just a fresh, clear vision of beings standing in the truth of what is………like a minty gust of fresh wind blowing after a rain in a pristine forest, I saw the picture of men and women being so free of fear and their buried issues that they were totally at ease, loving and happy in each moment.

This new technique by the way is what I like to call Miracle Healing, and essentially what you are doing is the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono combined with other effective energy techniques like EFT. Repeat the following statements as you think about the problem, being:

I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thankyou and
I love you

You can also add if you like:
Return to source
I accept, allow and surrender this feeling
A subconsciously programmed release word you use with BSFF ( Be set free fast )

Combing powerful healing techniques creates super-leveraged energy release and personal growth, as different problems may have differing ways of sitting within your energy system, and some can be very stubborn! Saying these statements whilst using your thumb on your same hand to tap or touch the sides of the ends of your fingers, near the nails. This is Simple Energy Techniques developed by Steve Wells, and is an easy and fun release method you can do instead of the full EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) points. I also like to add “From the oneness of my being, even though I have X problem, I love and accept myself anyway, and send and allow the highest miracles towards X problem.” As a great statement to use whilst stating the ‘setup’ phrase with EFT. If you are confused just do a Google search on how to do EFT, and Ho’oponopono it takes about 5 min to learn.

So here is the script to follow:

Say this out loud 3 X as you are tapping on the side of your hand (karate chop point)

“From the oneness of my being, even though I am afraid and terrified of being aware of my greatest fears, suppressions, repressions, traumas and core issue, I love and accept myself anyway, and send and allow the highest miracles of healing and clarity towards these greatest core issues.”

“All parts of me creating these fears and blocks to releasing all my core issues, traumas, suppressions and fears:
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you and
I love you

You can also add if you like:
Return to source
I accept, allow and surrender this feeling
A subconsciously programmed release word you use with BSFF ( Be set free fast ) like ‘Woosh’ for example

And then tap out with the negative round the blocks:

Top of head: I fear facing my core issues
Eyebrow: I’m afraid of my core traumas
side of eye: Blocks to releasing my core issues
Under eye: Fears to let them become consciously known
Under nose: Scared to face them
Chin: I want to keep them buried
Collarbone: They terrify me
Armpit: I’m scared to face it

And keep tapping all the different feelings that will come out, whether you are using Simple Energy Techniques ( one-handed tapping ) or Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ), until you feel clarity on this issue

And then tap the positive round as follows:

Top of head: Miracles of clarity on my core issues
Eyebrow: Miracles to become aware and released on my core issues
side of eye: Miracles to release my core issues
Under eye: Highest miracles to be aware of my deepest core issues
Under nose: Highest miracles to accept my core issues and love myself totally
Chin: Highest miracles and solutions
Collarbone: Highest miracles of healing and insight on my core traumas and fears
Armpit: Highest miracles of total healing and release

Now what you may experience is a total shift in your being, as what used to be hidden and repressed by parts of your mind, and had a negative effect on your life under the surface of conscious awareness, now come up to be totally released and integrated. It is much better to be aware of these repressions and suppressions, and clear them so as they do not continue to act as a subconscious ‘misery’ magnet or ‘problem’ attractor, which they may continue to do until we eventually are forced to face these things from the frustration and challenges these issues will reflect upon the ‘mirror’ of reality and be real. But remember, if you are willing to try this healing to become aware of your greatest blocks and core issues, please make sure you do so when being fully responsible for yourself and in a fit state of mind to integrate and heal whatever comes up. As you do so expect miraculous shifts as the most leveraged negativity gets shifted and healed and your life will almost magically improve and settle amongst joyous peace.