If you had a choice between $10 Million, and being able to manifest and create with miraculous ease, what would you choose?

( Be careful with your power to manifest )

Although I think many would be quick to say “$10 million” let us think about this for a moment. The way desire seems to be built, is that you get something new and great, and then you want more. I’ve seen it with my experiences, and others, that even though it is great and fantastic, there is a ‘neediness’ to desire that seems to never be satisfied. Now I will admit $10 million is lots of fun and laughs too, but to actually realize my own power to create and manifest with miraculous ease? Well then….that is something that allows an unlimited playground of adventure and natural ecstasy, as I create to my hearts content whether I am magnetizing money or making giant leaps in power and growth, or making a massive positive difference in the world.

The crown jewel is in the realization

If I had the choice I would truly choose to be able to create and manifest with miraculous ease, because it would be like the story of rubbing the magic lamp, and commanding the genie to grant a million wishes, except the metaphorical Genie has no choice but to comply. This is actually quite close to the truth, since the lamp only represents a metaphor for our own power to manifest, in the darkness of a conditioned fictional reality that we cannot manifest with ease, but need to struggle and work hard to create. Being aware of your definitions and perceptions of reality is the light that illuminates the darkness of unawareness of this massive and profound power, that we express in every moment. Even something as simple as a glass of water has at least 6 billion different realities and vibrations, depending on how the observer perceives it. And so those very definitions and perceptions we take for granted and for the most part leave unconscious, unleash our creator power to bring about reality as we define it.

It is a truly blissful realization to become aware of not only the fact that we can create and manifest with miraculous ease, but in fact we do so in every moment!

To explain further I will clarify a bit. A few days ago I was meditating on oneness, and as usual when reaching the peaks of excitement and enthusiasm about the power of this knowing, amazing and often unbelievable things tend to pop into my experience plane, such as strange lights, small light orbs, and amazing light displays. Meditating on oneness, it dawned on me like a blazing beam of light, that every grain of sand, every drop of water, every man and woman and child, every rock, and every ‘thing’ in the universe was proof and evidence of my oneness, that I was the universe, as science has proven all is energy and that its all pretty much empty space, vibrating and ‘resonating’ at the frequency the observer places on the thing being observed. What the Bleep Do We Know, and Down the Rabbit Hole are two documentaries that do a fantastic job at explaining the science behind the validity of how we create our own world view and YOUniverse.

And then if that wasn’t good enough, I could then see that every moment in time was also proof that I was the universe and the creator, because in every single moment, I was perfectly creating MY version of reality, just as the creator does, with perfect ease! No matter whether we view our world as hard, or as easy, have you noticed that the way you perceive reality tends to be a given? Its so easy, that we take most of our beliefs and attitudes as true and they pretty much run on autopilot working as a mirror of what we put out. I have played around with this idea and I can say with certainty that the results can be unbelievable, like magic. Anything you don’t like in your experience will always have an associated feeling of a negative unhappy perception about that same problem or challenge, and the problem will be reinforced by the very perception of it. The energy of the perception is the same as the problem itself, as all our actions and behaviours become self-reinforcing mechanisms to prove ourselves ‘right’, when in reality we are totally wrong. A typical phrase that summarizes this incorrect way of perceiving reality through the external world, is ” Seeing is believing “. This is a great way to set yourself up for failure, as you become a servant to your definitions, including the negative ones.

And so as I was getting excited and joyous with this knowing, I saw what looked like a large rocket, wizz above my head, happily wooshing above and leaving a trail of a reddish-brown colour in the sky. Marvelous! I was starting to manifest and create fireworks to re-celebrate a great point of view, that science proves that we are god! This happened a few months ago, and then once again last night, with two this time showing me I was on the right track.

The 8020 Spiral of the Source

The 8020 Spiral of the Source


A great way to take a clear look at reality, is to think of everything as being on different areas of the spiral of creation. The greatest power requires the lightest touch, and the spiral is a wonderful sacred geometric shape that visually confirms accessing different parts of creation, vibration and leverage.

Many powerful messages are contained within symbols, and here is a photo of a crop circle that seems to have summarized my spiral point perfectly.


 These symbols hit us straight where to our core, where the essence of who we are, as eternal unlimited beings lies. By following the spiral, as deep and as centered as it goes, we come to the heart, the very vibration of god, all-that-is, all of creation itself. We see with the eyes, taste and hear with the ears of all-that-is. We reclaim our wizadry, and sacred knowledge of creating miracles, just as myths, religions and creation stories of old told us through the ages.

See at the centre of the spiral, as it keeps going to the core centre of each issue, leveraging its way past the created and flying straight into the heart of the creator. We can simply choose, with ease, to allow the truth of being all-that-is to be miraculously certain, perfect, and of the highest knowing vibration of trust within us. We can then start to feel the pleasure and ecstasy, that comes with realizing our power and that we are i control of our beliefs and definitions, perfectly and effortlessly, without even conscious interference in most cases! What is that you say? YES, we create reality and this magic to perfection of what we put out as true, just like a giant mirror in front of us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Whether you want to use the herculean forces of pleasure and pain, or just use emotional ‘trust’, or even references and evidence, it all comes down to how you define it for yourself as true, as real, as your reality. Even if the world to your 5-senses is burning and rotting and dying, you have the power, the insight and wisdom, to choose and vibrate the reality of love, peace, sovereignty, growth, pleasure and most of all, living and doing highest joy and excitement. You will then be the greatest solution for yourself, as well as the whole entire world.

Go to your diary, or write somewhere, that you tommorow, are going to play and have fun with the idea of ‘knowing’ things into your experience, and play around with magnetizing different things, just by using your being, knowing, trusting part that joyfully steps into the game and plays out the magic of the character. You can never ever ever ever prove any negative beliefs or definitions as empirically true, so stop hurting yourself and let the unlimited power and force you are start working for you, instead of just attracting negativity and situations that are out of alignment with your true self

Use the spiral to keep going forever and ever into the truth of who you are, and you will be granted the greatest jewels of truth, power and ecstasy, from heaven herself

Remember you are all that is, you can manifest anything you like effortlessly, easily, instantly and perfectly, you can change definitions with the highest ease, perfection and bliss, and that you have nothing to fear, that you cannot be harmed without your choice of that definition and energy vibration!

Just choose it without doubt or fear or negative inner chatter, and it will be. All-that-is bless.