the majesty of the one

the majesty of the one

Could you for a moment, imagine the greatest, most glorious treasure in the world?

An item of undescribable value and worth, that it not only encompasses all the things of value of earth, but also of the heavens?

A most holy and revered item, from the heart and the love of all that is, that once you had it in your hands, could give you your wildest heart’s imagination or desire, and fulfill your destiny in all of the most magnificent and delightful respects?

As I write to you once again, it amazes me once again how when coming across certain information that is massively transformational, it can take a certain shift, or viewpoint, or happening, to really align a powerful principle to one’s core

I feel today has been that day, where the creator, all-that-is that is part of me and you, has embraced me with the highest love and gifts, and given me an eternal gift of love and joy that has always been there, like a secret horde of unlimited treasure waiting to be discovered

To give you a background, for the last two weeks or so, I have been having a lot of fun and partying on my long overdue holiday in Thailand. While it has been great and a lot of fun, I have also been feeling some lows, and anxiety about the issue of money and running out of funds. There was also the feeling like something was missing from this good time, and I was still seeking out my highest joy and excitement, and purpose

Whilst I felt I would very much love to keep travelling, there was the doubt and worry in my mind about being able to pay for all of this, and thinking it was ‘unrealistic’ and the fear that I might have to go back to the ‘old’ reality and a possible rut again

Surrounded by extremes here in both wealth and poverty, it has been a good mirror to reflect my own doubts, fears and issues about abundance. I do know we individually create our reality, and so it is always useful and profound to see how the mirror of individual realities, play out for others and in different cultures.

The crux of the issue was, that I have had to face the core of my limiting ideas, limiting attitudes and beliefs; especially as they relate to abundance and the most important principle of living my highest joy

Taking this trip out of nowhere has really accelerated things, as I jump straight into the deep end of the pool of living, after laughing at all the fearful ideas cowering at the shallow end, afraid to jump into the water of life and start playing with the joy and fun of a child again. I didnt wait for things to be just right, but simply stepped forward into this trip, jumping into the deep end of the pool of unabandoned play, whilst giving a ‘big finger’ so to speak at the fears, anxieties and negative beliefs, that are little sheep in the back of your mind, braying ‘you cant do it’ or ‘its too expensive’ or ‘what about your responsibilities’ etc etc. All may seem like good reasons, but what it gets down to is that these are negative definitions, negative beliefs, and some kind of choice on the level of believing in lack, limitation, negativity, and that you disempowered in a certain sitution or context. The core of the matter is we are defining and creating our reality, on a moment by moment basis.

This was another profound realization that really struck home on a deep level. For the first time, I could see that it could be so easy, so simple, and just a matter of ‘tuning’ into the vibration of ecstatic abudance, joy and success. This ‘tuning’ into a definition and belief basis, did not need to be hard, difficult or a struggle at all.

It can be so easy! Because I create and define everything in reality, why make the incredible power of belief change hard, difficult or a struggle? I could choose, in any one moment, to simply decide and choose that changing beliefs is effortless and easy, and I could know it was easy and effortless too do so, perfectly and miraculously, whenever I would like.

I would love for this to make perfect sense to all who read it, because “the greatest power requires the lightest touch” and I cant think of many things at all that could have such a supergalactic force with the lightest effort, as core deep belief change!

It is an unconditionally loving expression of pure faith and trust in the abundance and loving support of the universe, the highest expression that I am supported in my passion, in my love, in my laughter, in my play. That I am a connected part and parcel of all-that-is, of the eternal god presence  ( I love the term all-that-is, an expression of oneness ) that even quantum physics is eventually figuring out is everywhere! Doing what we love then tunes us into the vibration, frequency, dimension and reality of a joyous, dream-like, heaven on earth reality full of ecstasy and bliss. We can then choose and integrate those loving, nourishing and healthy definitions, and start to live that life. But if we are choosing what we do not love to do, we are reflecting the mirror reality of scarcity, that we are not supported by the universe and all-that-is

A statement joyously put out into the world, that the world is perfect for me, that is is wonderful and joyous and miraculous and full of adventure.

What else would someone who knows these truths as totally true, do otherwise?

Think about it for a moment. We have seen how we reflect back to ourselves the truths we hold strongest, in the mirror of the ‘3d’ world. Have you ever just decided or chosen to believe in something 100%, even if there wasn’t necessarily the evidence to support it around? Have you ever held onto a goal, or a vision of something you desired, and just known in your gut, in your skin, in your cells and with total certainty you were going to get it? As you probably can remember again now, is that the results are amazing and very often spectacular and amazing, when we make choosing a definition real, and a simple choice of ‘Thats what I choose as true’. Some call it interestingly enough, ‘living your truth’, being ‘real with yourself’ and ‘accepting yourself.’ Everyone has at least had one experience in their life, that has proven that important emotional decision to trust in something as true, in that moment, has powerful results on the ‘outside’ world we live day to day. Socially, spiritually, physically, financially, with men and women everyday, we experience a direct reflection of what we feel is true, even if we do not know it consciously, or if it is hidden from our surface consciousness.

And so what better way, to step into a world of unconditional and unlimited bliss, magic, adventure, delight, laughter, love, excitement and ecstasy, then to do and be as if that reality is true!

How so? What is your wildest, most passionate and blissful highest joy and excitement ?!

…………….Do it!

And I say this because I am feeling what you are feeling and have felt, the same anxieties and gnawing worries that seem to go hand-in-hand with modern day society, especially in many cases, about having negative definitions and beliefs, around money, abundance, lifestyle, career, and my highest excitement. If that is not enough, we may have anxiety and worry and stress, about our family, our relationship, friend, family member, or one out of 100 other damned things! There seems an overabundance of negativity coming at us at from so many directions, and we wonder why we feel so low, so down, anxious, stressed out or depressed! I could sense within me that the lives of most men and women  had been penned in the famous quote by Henry david Thoreau, 1854, that “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” From accounts of his life, Thoreau seemed to live his highest excitement, by living a quiet and simple life amongst nature in a log cabin. I was reminded once again, except on a deeper and more profound level, that the ultimate remedy to this issue, this fear and anxiety around money, around abundance, around pretty much every single ‘problem’ I have, or have had, or may have in the so called-future, is around doing what I love to do. This issue was not going to be solved just on the level of ‘doing’ something like finding work here or starting a business

The ultimate solution was to take the fun, joyful and most exciting option, of choosing my highest joy, and allowing that commitment for joy, fun, abundance and wealth definitions and reality model to be the strongest representation of the heaven on earth I stood for, in thi day and age of rapidly changing energy on the planet, in our consciousness, and in the cosmos. The cosmic galactic energies are very profoundly affected, when the most profound idea of oneness and all-that-is is expressed!

Here is a principle so beautiful, so glorious, that it takes care of everything else, whilst I just have fun and a great time and look after what excites me the most!

As I reflected on doing my highest joy being the ultimate solution and remedy, I felt a sense of joyful peace, safety and security, that no matter what would happen or could happen, whether I ran out of money, or was really depressed about my life situation, in the worst rut, stuck in a place or in a job I hated, hungry, starving, homeless and without a cent to my name, I could connect with my highest excitement, my highest joy, and allow the unlimited abundance and support of the universe to flow! Wow! See how it is just like a genie in a bottle, ( I know it has been made into cheesy and corny films ) from the tales and mythic stories of old, in Persia and the middle east. This story is a very powerful archetype, as the same being of the genie is within each of us, ready to grant every desire with a flick of the fingers. We truly are this powerful.

And why, and why, and why cannot this be true? Does worry, stress, anxiety, responsibilities, family, children, work, society, friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, foster parents, the media, pop culture, the TV, teachers, schools, politicians, cops, parents, do they all outweigh the importance of living in the joy, the fun, the adventure, the laughter, that is contained within the all-that-is world we are steeped in. One cannot deny this, when we see that we each create reality in every moment, with 100% ease and perfection! So much so, that we just ‘forget about it’, and that reality just sits on autopilot, reflecting what we are projecting through our beliefs, in every second, every minute and hour of every day. Even when we sleep, the power of who we are as all that is, projects powerful messages of the spirit, through the universal language of image, myth, character, story. symbol, language or math, through our dreams. Dreams are a beautiful reminder everynight, that we are of the world of magic and unlimited advnture! Why else would we be able to fly, have superhumn ablities, make love, laugh and experience our power, in many cases with more joy and pleasure than our ‘waking life’ of conscious day time activity, which is commonly in many men and women, engrossed in the daily struggle of survival, as we keep being destructive towards the environment, our family, each other, and most of all, our spirit that is our self. You can experience pain and suffering, but the power of your spirit will always emit a deep-level resistance to pain, and a potent drawing towards of pleasure. These are the fundamental driving forces of man, otherwise archetypally described as the forces of light ( pleasure ) and darkness ( pain ) , yin and yang, positive and negative, the good guy and the bad guy, hero and vilain, etc etc. This is represented in freemasonry and magick as ‘as above, so below’ as a fight between the two forces, very much reinforced especially in the religion of christianity. How kind and nice and compassionate it was for the church, to commit the worst atrocities in the name of god, and then have the gall to have a say in what or how evil was represented. Adultering the All-that-is , expressed as offshoots of the elixir of life, the alchemical philosopher’s stone, expressed mathematically as the ‘royal number 1’, the one with the infinite symbol through the middle, the oneness number.

Its all I have to do or be, is what I believe or define I need to do or be. highest joy is what an unconditionally and eternally loving creator would desire for us, if we hypothetically didnt agree, believe or feel the idea of a universal creator as being real. This idea is flexible because it allows the hardest skeptic to be integrated with this. Even if they state ‘but life is hard’ how could God make it so, then we can say ‘well you have to admit, even if there is no creator, if there was and he/she/I am is eternal in love and power and presence all around the universe, then a life ful of laughter, love, joy and excitement, is certainly a great and magical experience of touching the truth of what all-that-is really embodies at a deep spiritual level. It is only from a chosen point of self-disempowerment and limitation, can we truly experience the suffering and limitation so many of mankind have felt. We literally fear that god is dead and evil has prevailed, but really no-one is a victim, and we are all part of being 100% responsible for CREATING OUR REALITY AS WE SEE IT! This is our greatest gift, and is also part of our greatest fear and limitation, as we fear that the dark part of ourselves, ‘the pipe playing child-like nature archetype, is really in fact the devil, or the beast, or satan or the lord of darkness, and actually is really pulling the strings. We are multidimensional beings, and we are terrified of the energy of this darkness, and we try and judge it and say its bad and its not part of us, when it all is. We live in eternal fear of pain not experienced as real, just feel terrified of it and the problem, stress and worry that comes with it. Ultimately, we fear we can be harmed and are wear and vulnerable, our graetest fear, we are NOT all that is and are victims to the suffering, hopeless agains the sea of sadness in depair. )

What is doing and being from highest joy and excitement?

Financially it is a frame and reality of abundance. Spiritually it is a frame of heaven and ecstasy. Physically and emotionally it is a frame of laughter, playfulness, and vibrancy of energy and spirit.

I’ve asked some quality questions to assist making living our highest joy effortless and fun. Please use them to help you hone in on the issues to doing your highest joy, and remember, to do this work is some of the most strategically powerful work you can do. Use EFT or other good tools to help you.

What’s the easiest, most blisffully simple, effortless way to do/live/be my highest joy?

Clarity – what my highest joy/joys are

Playful – being childishly playful & seeing joy everywhere

Eliminating Fear:

-fear what others think
-looking stupid, immature, retarded, childlike or childish
-losing money, support, failing
-wont be supported/cant be supported by the universe
-fear wrong choice
-dont know it/cant find it

Fear of the unknown, the mystery, the worst of our fears, and the worst of our inner demons, secrets, traumas and terrors

May you delight in the realization you are all-that-is, that you have nothing to fear, and that you can step into the playful abandon of simple easily choosing to define your vision of paradise, or your heart’s desire, to be true and real right now. Do and be your highest joy and excitement and we will send the most profound force of healing, love and positivity across the earth and across the ages. As the animal sheds its dead layer of skin, you will let go of the cloak of illusion, and take your place throughout the universe as a living breathing all-that-is being, creating your reality as your highest delight.