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Imagine a vibrant, dynamic community of infinite beings, blissfully injoying the beauty and wonderment of their creations. As the most highest and majestic emotions of their possibilities unfold into the realms of existence, creations grow fruit that give freedom, joy and happiness unfounded, like the tears rolling down a man who has found freedom and happiness, after being locked in a cold, dark prison cell all his life. This prison cell is the confines of our own egoic poverty and suffering-based existence, full of hardship, disconnected from nature, full of struggle and endless unease. Separation from others and all that is.

Through firstly knowing ourselves as who we truly are, and then linking with others in a spirit of community and sharing and harmonious coexistence, we can create unparalleled universes of endless beauty, magic and adventure, in one with nature. We all desire the same things essentially, and by giving our passion, creativity and genius into the world through the medium of the web, we can create it right now!

Separated we are weak, but unified we are strong, powerful and eternal. We all have a piece of the puzzle in some way or another, whether through our knowledge, our network or our successes, so why not put the jigsaw together to see the incredible vision of a new age of happiness, freedom and fun

How do we create the greatest, highest, most wondrously miraculously effective community and reality through our creator power?

On the main page are posts and information on the most important of topics, who we truly are. All the main areas of life are in the categories at the bottom of the page, with exciting news, projects and ideas you can get involved with, having a focus to being fun, simple and practical to apply, with small groups. You can share your idea, story or resource too in the community forum, keeping in mind it may be better if it focused on solutions and the positive. As the creator you create your reality, so focusing on the problem without using it for a solution, only gives it more energy and more of what we don’t desire.

What is the most exciting, fun, simple and practical way of getting your ideas, projects and vision into being?

Many of your ideas and projects will work best when you mastermind with positive, action-oriented beings. We recommend keeping this in mind when you come across any ideas on this site you find exciting

What is the most miraculous way of creating Exponential Growth for Oneness Reality?

Our vision is to join up communities and individuals involved with cutting edge ideas, projects and innovations together in the major areas of life, for the benefit of creating more freedom, happiness and empowerment for all in our new reality. Please feel free to let your creativity go wild in helping us achieve this vision by sharing with friends and family, creating your own partner weblogs or sites, posting your ideas, giving contacts, resources, files, joining our face book or networking pages, and so on!

What is the most powerful, fun and exciting way to spur miraculous ideas, creativity and innovation?

Each post is started with a concept called Quality Questions. Instead of a fixed statement or fixed position on something, questions spur ideas, innovation and creativity. Quality Questions starts of with a question about a question, for example, what is the most powerful question to ask to allow you to benefit from this weblog in the highest way?